Kids Name(s)

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Hey guys I would like to say before you read this that not only did I include names but I also included ages and birthdates (You get to choose which year there born) So if you want ages and birthdates perfect! Here you go. But if you don't and you want to make up your own, Then just ignore it. Anyways Enjoy!!!!!

Chris: 1 girl
•Name: Willow Marie Cerulli
•Age: 3
•Birthdate: April 7th

Ricky: 1 girl
•Name: Marnie Reign Olsen
•Age: 4
•Birthdate: December 3rd

Devin: 1 boy and 1 girl
•Name: (Boy) Lucas Jade Sola
•Age: 6
•Birthdate: March 18th
•Name: (Girl) Emmy Lynn Sola
•Age: 3
•Birthdate: May 5th

Ryan: 1 boy
•Name: Calvin "Cal" Sitkowski
•Age: 2
•Birthdate: February 13th

Josh: 2 girls
•Name: Ashton "Ash" Balz
•Age: 18
•Birthdate: June 23rd
•Name: Trinity Balz
•Age: 5
•Birthdate: July 3rd

Vinny: 2 boys (Twins!)
•Name: Dillon Mauro
•Age: Turning 1 soon
•Birthdate: October 31st
•Name: Dartanian Mauro
•Age: Turning 1 soon
•Birthdate: October 31st

A/N: I love all these names... There so cute🎀. I honestly loved writing this and I really hope you like this. Thanks for reading and please rate. Comment a chapter you may want to see. Byeeeee😂

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