Chapter 8

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Aphmau POV

I wake up to somebody falling on top of me, making me throw them across the room and grab the diary, sending it into my storage before turning to face the person I threw against the room.

"Jess it's just me!" The mysterious man says turning to stand up and face me. It was Alex.

"How did you find me?" I ask, sitting down. I don't feel to good.

"I teleported to you after Kala mind linked me, saying you had an argument and you never came back. Now let's go back to Kala and you can talk it out." Alex says, holding his hand out to help me up.

"Do I have to?" I ask. He nods and I sigh before grabbing his hand. The instant I stand up, I get a big headache and fall cowards, suddenly feeling really dizzy.

"Wow!" Alex catches me. "Are you okay?" I nod before standing up.

"Let's go." I grab his hand before dragging him out of the door, rubbing my head to try and help with the headache. As soon as we walk out of the door, he turns me around and puts the back of his hand to my forehead.

"You have a fever Jess. How long was you out in the rain?" He asks, sitting me on a log. It was dry.

"Maybe a few hours?" I question, thinking of how long I was out.

"Did you even change clothes?" He looks down at my clothes. "Never mind. Let's go and take you back to where Kala is. Where are we anyway?" He looks around the forest area to see if he can recognise it.

"Somewhere in Canada. We are pretty far from where the rest of the guys are. Probably 10 towns away? I don't know. I was flying for a while. It's a nice area isn't it?" I inform him, standing up again and getting out my hover board. He picks me up before standing on my hover board. "Hey!"

"I'm not having you faint on me. Now what direction did you come from?" He asks. I point in the direction of the lake before giving up and letting him carry me on the hover board back to the town. It takes about two hours but we soon arrive. I jump out of his arms and put my board away. Luckily, Alex took off his suit while we was flying. I walk through the door of the house and walk straight into an empty room before falling on the couch and closing my eyes.

"I have a headache!" I complain. I hear somebody come into the room but I don't care.

"Here. Drink these down. The headache should go away then. Take a shower after." I hear somebody say. I open my eyes to see Jerome with a pair of clothes in one hand and a glass of water with two tablets in the other.

"Hey Baka. Thanks." I take the tablets and put them in my mouth before downing the whole glass of water. I take the clothes and hug him before going into the bathroom that he told me to go into.

"Go back to the room as soon as your finished. The guy who came with you is in their!" Jerome shouts through the locked door. I shout a reply before getting in the shower, quickly washing myself before getting out and dressing in the pyjamas that Jerome gave me. I guess I'm going to be resting. Damn you Alex for telling them. I sigh before walking out if the door and back into the room I was in before. As Jerome said, Alex was their, but so was Kala. I was going to walk away since u was t ready to face Kala but u just had to sneeze.

"Jess! There you are! I was so worried about you. Especially when you didn't come back. I had to go and get Alex to come and pick you up because I couldn't teleport yet." She runs up and hugs me. I just stand their with wide eyes. Why was she hugging me if I she is mad at me? I basically lied to her about my life yet she was worried? "I'm sorry for yelling. I guess I was just mad that I couldn't remember anything. Can you forgive me?" She looks at my shocked face.

"I'm sorry for not telling you. I forgive you." I smile before hugging her back.

"Ok girls, you can stop hugging now. Jess has to go to bed." Alex says, making Kala let go of me.

"But mom!" I stomp my foot on the floor like a child. "I don't want to go to bed! I want to play with Kala."

"Your sick and it would be best if you got better as quick as possible. You are on holiday aren't you? Wouldn't you want to enjoy it?" Alex says.

"Holiday? What are y- Oh yes! I want to have a nice holiday." I try to cover up my mistakes.

"Jess..." Alex gives me a look. I just sigh.

"I'm not on holiday. I'm trying to rid the world of another enemy." They both looked at me with wide eyes.

"And why didn't you tell the few?!" Alex and Kala exclaim at the same time.

"Because only members of the sky army can kill them." I tell them, sitting down. "That's who I went to save yesterday." I explain to Alex the events of yesterday.

"We will talk more tomorrow. For now, Jess needs to sleep." To prove his point, I yawn. I stand up and wave to them both before walking up the stairs and to mine and Katelyns room to see Katelyn sitting on her bed, watching anime. She doesn't notice me so I just go over to my bed and face plant it, falling asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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