oh darling

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oh darling - plug in stereo ft. cady groves

How did two hopeless romantics who were both awkward and quiet become something extravagant? Quite simple. Love. Love is powerful in many ways. It brings two similar yet different people together and unites their hearts. 

The boy that sat in the library across from you had his ice blue eyes trained on you. You could feel his stare and there was no hope in hiding the blush that overcame your whole body. A shy smile came across your lips as your eyes darted to his. It was his turn to blush. This was the usual routine for your school days. Both of you came to the library everyday in lunch and happened to find one another in the library. Everyday you would sit in the same seat and he would sit where he was able to stare aimlessly at you. To him, you were the most beautiful girl in the whole high school. While you were quiet and studious, he was quiet and carefree. Normally, he would be able to talk to any girl, but you made him nervous. He didn't want any of the girls at your school beside you. You, on the other hand, had no ability to speak to anyone without a stutter and possible panic attack. 

This process of him with his eyes on you the whole lunch period, and you glancing at him with a blush, repeated for weeks and weeks, until one day he found the courage to sit next to your usual seat. As you entered the library you saw the mystery boy sat next to your usual spot. Not wanting to bother him, you went to sit at another table. Pursing his lips, he waved you over to him. Slowly, you made your way toward the beautiful boy. Once you sat, your hands began to shake. He noticed. Unlike most people --who would laugh-- he smiled warmly.

"I figured it was about time I talked to the breathtaking girl I stare at during lunch," he nervously stammered, making  a slight grin wave over you. He was sweet.

"I-I'm y/n," you piped up, your voice conveying how nervous you were. A sloppy grin was given to you.

"Cody," he flushed as he took hold of you hand and brought it up to his lips, gently pressing his lips to your soft hand.

This was the beginning of the end. Time went on and you two spent every moment together possible. Phone calls were shared when at home, texts while in school, and many meetings to see one another. You both compelled one another. There was no way to explain the attraction and fascination with one another than love. The way you affected him and he affected you was the work of love.

The night you both new you were in love was on October 5th. Cody convinced you to come to the local fair. Everyone at school was going, which is why you were hesitant, but in the end you couldn't say no to Cody. Upon arrival, he steered you away from the actual fair and towards the beach. The water lapped at the shore, slowly and surely. There was distant, muffled sounds of the fair nearby, but the only sound you could truly hear was the soothing, ease of the water as the waves crashed over another. While Cody and you had spend an uncanny amount of time together, not much affection was shown besides the one day. In other words, you had never kissed. The sun had begun to set awhile ago and now had a purple tint to the sky.

Surely, Cody's pinkey linked around yours. He lead you further and further away from the fair until he suddenly stopped walking. He whipped around with a cheeky grin on his cheeks. Your eyebrows knit in confusion as you stared up at the boy. Without hesitation, he captured your lips against his. It was sweet and gentle, loving even. The moment you had dreamed of forever. When you nervously pulled away, his hand came to your cheek to crash your lips back together. This kiss was more needy and passionate. It was as if the first kiss was the dipping of the toe in the water, and the second was a cannonball in.

Kiss after kiss, you slowly fell harder and harder for the boy in black. Breathlessly, you both pulled away and looked into each other's eyes. The message was clear. I love you. Your eyes conveyed the message you both were thinking, but were panting too much to say. His eyes said the same. The night had begun and it was chilly, yet there was no chill among you two. The heat and passion of this moment kept any chill away.

"My darling," was all he said before tugging you towards him for another breathless kiss.

a/n: so i used to love this song and early it just popped in my head and then i wrote this thing so yea lol c:

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