✿When You Have A Nightmare

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Light would gently shake you awake after seeing your distress. When you realised it was just a dream you would cling on to him like your life depended on it while he rocked you back and forth gently. After you had calmed down he would ask you what you dreamt about and explain to you that it was just your head messing with you and remind you that he would protect you forever.


When you woke up with tears streaming down your face, L would immediately know what happened and rush to your side (he was still up obviously) He would lay beside you and cradle your face with his hands. "Don't...leave me" you sniffled, trying to hold back sobs.
"I would never" he assured you and rubbed your noses together.


Mello would wake up to see you thrashing around and clawing at your skin while tears poured from your eyes. He would straddle your waist and pin your arms above your head (You need to get your head out of the gutter) to stop you from hurting yourself and kiss you softly to wake you up. When you did, you let out a wail and started crying again. You would then wrap your arms around his neck and cry into his shoulder while he whispered sweet nothings in your ear.


When you woke up from your nightmare, you would try not to wake your sleeping boyfriend and go back to sleep. But everytime you closed your eyes, images of your dream flashed in your head. You broke down crying and started shaking, which awoke Matt. When he came-to, he would realise what was happening and sit up. Since he was already holding you, you'd be pulled into his lap as he sat against the headboard. (Did any of that make sense?^-^')he'd then stroke your hair until you were ready to talk about your dream.


Near would feel awful seeing you in this state; shaking and whimpering. You were at your most vulnerable and you needed him. He would wrap his arms around you and twirl pieces of your hair with his fingers, telling you that he wouldn't leave you and that he loved you. After a while, you calmed down a lot and began to tell him about your dream. You both came to the conclusion that it was probably caused by the wild amount of candy you had eaten before you went to bed and agreed that you wouldn't eat so much next time.


Beyond was no stranger to nightmares himself, so when you woke up screaming for him, he would know that the best thing for you would to be to help you forget the horrifying images that played in your mind. He would hold you close to him and start conversations about literally anything just to get your mind off it and help you sleep.


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