The sun started rising announcing the morning was here. I didn't realize until I was awaken by the sun that Hermione and I had fallen asleep. I woke her up and we got to our feet just intime to see people walking outfront. We followed. Stopping in the court yard I stood up on a large boulder to see the scene that unfolded before me.

Here came Hagrid carrying Harrys body in his arms. Behind him was several death eaters and leading the front was Voldemort himself, now a mortal. Voldemort spoke up and began a speech, I didn't hear much of it because I was in the very back of the crowd.

"Draco" I heard my father whisper.

I looked up and my eyes scanned the crowd of the death eaters until I found him and my mother. I glared at him and then looked away.

"Draco dear, come" My mother spoke.

I ignored her, I would rather die then join them. I knew where I stood and how I wanted my life to be, their way of life wasn't anywhere in it.

"Draco!" My father practially shouted.

I looked over at him and walked forward to the front of the crowd with Hermione's hand in my own. She resisted and I looked her in the eyes.

"It's okay, I wont let anything happen to you." I told her.

She smiled and then we took our last steps breaking through the crowd where everyone across the way had a view.

"I'm not going to be a Death Eater. I don't want this life, I want better for my future and for my future wife."

"Draco don't be stupid" my father snapped. "You are not getting married for atleast another 5 years. Now. Come. Here." He finished in a some what growl.

I shook my head and shot daggers at him.

"You are wrong father, you will no longer control me. I never wanted your way of life and I never wanted to be in Slytherin I always wanted to be a Gryffindor, since the day I saw Hermione on the train. I wanted to be where she was."

Every eye widened at the words I had spoken. My dad let out a nervous chuckle before he grabbed my mothers arm and walked across the yard to where I stood.

"Draco" he whispered "You are embarrassing us."

"Draco love the Dark Lord has won, don't give him a reason to end your life." my mother spoke to me.

Just like myself, my she was forced into this life by my father. It was hard not listening to her but it was what I wanted and what I believe in.

"The Dark Lord has not won." I shouted. 

Pushing my father aside I moved to stand infront of Hermione.

"I will not follow you!" I spoke. "Everything you stand for is rediculous, the way you think is insane and you are the last thing I want to serve, I would rather die!"

"Draco be quite" my father snapped.

"I am in love with the most beautiful woman I have ever met, she is smart, caring, and funny. She is a muggle born. It doesn't matter where we came from, inside we are all the same. Many may think she is lucky to have me, but truth be told I am luck to have her."

"Silence!" the Dark Lord hissed. "I will not have such a tainted being amongst my midst. You there!" The Dark Lord snapped, pointing to my mother. "Kill him or you will be killed."

I looked at my mother who looked at me before looking to the Dark Lord.

"I will not kill my son." She said in a firm voice.

I watched in slow motion as the Dark Lord rose his wand and a jet of green light hit my mother. I saw from the corner of my eyes as my father flinched.

"You Lucius. Kill him and I will forgive your every mistake as if hit had never happened." He hissed.

My father looked at him and then moved to stand infront of me.

"I didn't realized until it was too late that joining you was a mistake. Surprisingly my son has grown up to be a man and I have never been prouder." My father craned his neck around to look at me. "I'm proud to have you as my son Draco, never forget that." He then looked to Hermione and smiled. "It would be an honor to have you as a daughter-inlaw." he then turned back to the Dark Lord. "I will not kill my son"

Seconds later my father dropped dead in a crumpled heap next to my mother. I couldn't believe what had just happened. My mother and father gave their lives for mine. They even complimented Hermione. After everythingw we went through and everyone we lost I wasn't about to give up without a fight.

Harry jumped down and took out his wand shooting a spell at the Dark Lord. The two fell into a duel. Hermione took out her wand and walked forward aiming at him.

"STUPEFY!" she screamed

The Dark Lord fell to the ground unconscious.

"Is he dead?" a girl asked.

"No he is just unconscious" I spoke. "I had to, for Ron."

"Harry?" Hermione said.

Harry nodded and then rose his wand. Professor Snape ran forward and stopped beside Harry.

"Your mother wouldn't want you using a unforgivable curse" I heard him speak.

He then handed Harry and small bottle.

"The draught of living death?" he questioned

Snape nodded. Harry knelt down beside the Dark Lords unconscious body and opened his mouth. Slowly and carefully he poured the concoction down his throat. It only takes one drop to kill a human when its at its strongest so a small bottle of the elixer was sure to do the job. A minute passed and Harry went to check his vitals. He stood up and smile filled his face, he didn't even have to speak I knew it was over. Voldemort was dead and the Wizarding World could now live their lives in peace.

I walked to Hermione's side and took her hand.

"You don't have to be afraid anymore"

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