Justin Rutherford: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

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"Not good, not good, not good," Justin repeated over and over. The Mannequin Men stalked towards them, slowly, with heads rolling to each shoulder. The friends stepped back each time the men stepped forward. They would have to make a run for it up the stairs – but they all knew they couldn't outrun the dozen or so killers that had entered.

Justin and Logan backed away, just behind Annabeth and Katherine. Everyone's hands were touching, and they could all feel their pounding hearts through their fingertips. Annabeth tried to appear intimidating herself, and she looked each and every man up and down as if to analyse them.

"So far, I count eighteen of them," she told them, distracting herself from thoughts of assured death. After a brief pause, she gave a small laugh.

Confused, Justin asked "what are you laughing at? We're going to die!"

"Look at their hands," Annabeth suggested as she came to a stop. The others stopped too.

"They don't have weapons either," Katherine realised. She gave a grateful sigh. "That means we can kick their asses. You ready Justin, Logan?"

"I don't think I really have a choice," Justin said, and as hopeless as his heart was becoming, he accepted that a struggle was bound to happen.

"I'm ready," Logan said with confidence. Justin admired it, and stood firm beside him, ready to take on the Mannequin Men. It was do or die, and he really, really didn't want to die.

As her final advice, Annabeth whispered to them "grab what you can" before picking up a large piece of rubble from the floor. She yelled as she ran forward, then launched the small boulder at the nearest man.

It made contact with one of their masks, smashing it. The man fell to the ground, his hands reaching out to break the fall. When he stood back up, half of his head was missing, and the rest of the mask had cracked. There was nothing under it.

The ghastly sight took the friends by surprise. They never had time to recover before the other men walked faster towards them, slithering over rock and rubble. Justin, Logan and Katherine reached Annabeth and picked up what they could on the floor, throwing them as precisely as they could.

Justin held a jagged piece of rock as a Mannequin Man came right up to him. He lifted the rock and went to bring it down, but the man grabbed his arm. He struggled against it, and so dropped the rock hoping it would hit his head. The rock missed, and the man used his other hand to grab Justin by the waist.

They both fell backwards and hit the wall. Justin's eyes could not leave the lifeless mask just inches from his nose. It felt colder to be near it, and a near-fatal scream started to ring in his ears. He struggled against the noise, until the mask shattered right in front of him.

Katherine had whacked the Mannequin Man with a rock. He let go of Justin, allowing him to glance at his saviour. She didn't stop to take gratitude and continued to attack the men surrounding her.

Justin looked around at Annabeth and Logan, who were both fighting against the onslaught of men. Inspired, he looked down at the man who almost killed him, and smashed his foot on the rest of his mask when he tried to stand up.

Chaos ensued. Logan ran into one of the men and slammed him to the floor. Annabeth took out two men with one rock, and Katherine knocked into as many men as she could, kicking and punching her way through. Justin followed their lead, running to nearer the door to stop as many of them from getting in.

He pushed over men as he went, smashing their heads on rocks as they tumbled to the floor.

"Get off me!" He heard Katherine shout. Justin turned to see two of the Mannequin Men carry Katherine by her arms. It looked painful as they each pulled her, and they ran towards him.

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