➳Chapter 17➳

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Noah and I successfully managed to get to my room without them noticing. Noah jumped into my bed and I rolled my eyes putting on the Avengers and we watched and he ate be food and I had little bites. Little bites.

We wasted the night watching the avengers together as the screams and moans got louder by every minute.

I sighed and cuddled up to Noah instead.

Fuck Dylan (whatever his middle name is. If he has one) Knight.

Dylan's POV

I forced my eyes to open like I had just woke up from a nightmare. I felt as if my eyelashes were glued together. I groaned feeling my head throbbing in pain.

I tried to shuffle around but noticed a girl was on top of me. I became more alert and looked at the girl in disgust. Who the hell is this?

I wanted to be polite but couldn't be bothered. I pushed her off me and she fell to the floor and groaned awake. Holly. This is not good.

I ran a hand through my hair and noticed we were both stripped from our clothes and sat on the sofa. No wonder why my neck hurts.

Holly stood up and smirked and me gleefully.
I noticed she wore my shirt from last night and I looked down to see I was wearing my swim shorts (they weren't board shorts so I was okay).

She wandered off leaving me confused and annoyed at myself. Where the fuck is she going?

I ran a hand through my hair feeling my headache grow stronger. I felt sickly, tired and thirsty.

Holly came back looking slightly annoyed but she seated herself next to me and she moved on to my lap wrapping her arms around my neck.

What the hell?

Bella walked in looking beautiful as usual. She looked rather dressed up though. She wore a nude dress with a black blazer and had her hair curled and everything.

"Where are you going?" I asked curiosity building inside of me.

She stopped, "The meeting you forgot about." She narrowed her eyes down at me and glared. I deserved that. Holly wrapped her arms around me tighter.

"Oh shit!" I cringed, "That was today?!" I pushed Holly off my lap. She pouted and glared at Bella.

"Yes." She nodded, "It's okay I'm taking over anyway." Bella said in a monotone voice. Her face blank from emotions and she was already making her way to the door.

"Bella I'm sor-" I was cut off when she slammed the door shut behind her.

I deserved that very much. I sighed running a hand through my hair. "So babe what should we do now?" She tried to crawl back on to my lap but I pushed her off once again.

"Nothing." I said blankly.

"Awh come on! Don't be like that baby! You don't need that fat pig anyway! You have me! She's not even pretty. She's fucking ugly baby. She's a fat whore anyway." Holly went on to insult Bella.

I growled at Holly. This is all her fault. She came on to me when I was intoxicated last night. I ran a hand through my hair, tugging at it slightly. This is all her fucking fault.

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