Hermione myself and the others that were standing gaurd at the clock tower watched as the shield that was placed over Hogwarts began falling apart before our eyes. Hermione squeezed my hand and I gripped my wand tighter. We were about to be put to the test, a test I call survival. A poofing sound behind be pulled my attention. I quickly turned around and blasted a death eater who went flying 5 feet into the air before falling into a crumpled heap on the lower floor below us.

"We have to move Hermione" I said tugging her by her arm back towards the inner side of the castle, Ron followed.

The moment we walked through the castle we fell into a duel with 3 death eaters. Hermione was dueling two until Ron cut in and sent the other flying over the stairs banister. I was dueling Goyles father, it was awkward. This guy had been over to my families house on several occasions. After defeating him I moved to help Hermione who had no choice but to throw up a sheilding charm because the death eater was aiming to kill.

"Bombarda Maxima!" Ron yelled, aiming at the death eaters feet.

I grabbed Hermione and pulled her back around the corner just as the entire floor exploded under them. She cringed against me as a series of huge crashes filled the air. I wrapped my arms around her securly and waited for the dust to settle.

"Its fine, your okay" I muttered to her.

"Hey guys, a little help" I heard Ron call.

I released Hermione and carefully we looked around the corner, Ron was hanging on to the remaining rail of the stair case. I ran to his side and dropped to my knees before I held out my hand to pull him back.

"Bloody Hell that was close!" he swore.

"Tell me about it, if I wouldn't have grabbed Hermione she would have been murdered." I replied. "You need to use your head when it comes to using spells Ron."

I didn't like the idea that if I hadn't been here Hermione would have died.

"So which way should be go?" Hermione asked.

I was about to point up but Harry came around the corner.

"Woah, what happened here?" He asked with big eyes. "Nevermind that I have it... I have the horcrux." he said

I reached out and took it before throwing it into the air and and using feindfire on it. It crumpled into ashes that rained on the crazed scene below. I turned back and watched as Harry gasped and slumped to the ground.

"You okay?" I asked him.

Hermione touched my shoulder. Harry took a deep breath and looked up at us.

"The snake... the last one is the snake"

I held out my hand to help him to his feet before we took off at a run.

"Where is the snake?" I asked him

"Its with Voldemort" he replied.

We ran down the grand staircase and looked around, beams of light shot everywhere, several of them a white color or red few where green. A spell soared right past Hermione's ear by a mili inch. I looked to see where it had come from and saw my aunt Bellatrix. I pushed Hermione behind me and held up my wand.

"Draco what are you doing get out of the way." she snapped.

I looked at her and shook my head.

"Draco you have a duty to uphold, kill her now or I will."

"Like hell you will." I said shooting a curse at her.

"What are you doing!" She snapped as she instantly blocked the spell without breaking a sweat.

"I'm standing up for what I believe in. I am tired of hurting people just to please you and my parents. I don't want to be bad, I never wanted to be in Slytherin either. I wanted to be in the same house as the girl I love. The only reason why I was in Slytherin was because I told it to place me there so my family wouldn't hate me. I realized by acting to please you I ruined half my life. No more!" I yelled.

My aunts face looked as if she had just smelled a dung bomb. Her face was flushed and she was at a loss for words. A killing curse shot by Harry hit her square in the chest and she crumpled to the floor.

"Thats for my God Father!" he yelled.

A near by death eater saw his actions and shot a killing curse towards him.

"Harry!" Ron yelled pushing him out of the way.

The two missed it by a hair. Ron got to his feet and dusted his self off. Holding out his hand he helped Harry to his feet as well.

"That was close mate! I thought you were a gonner for a -"

A the same death eater shot another curse in his direction and it hit him. I felt myself tense up as I watched all emotion slide from his face then slowly fall to the ground.

"Ron!" Harry yelled as he dropped down beside him.

I turned quickly and shot a exploding curse at the death eater who exploded into several tiny pieces. I grabbed Harry by his arms and pulled him and Hermione into a corridor. Hermione seemed petrified as I opened a door to a closet and pushed them inside, I then quickly sealed it.

"Lumos Maxima" I murmered and instantly the room lit up. "Harry" I said shaking him a bit. "We need to find that snake."

I felt horrible that Ron was just killed after saving Harry's life. I felt horrible knowing that his lifeless body was carelessly left out there. But we had to finish this and there was no time to grieve.

"Harry, we need to find that snake" I repeated again.

That time he looked up at me and nodded his head.

"You alright Harry?" I asked him.

He just nodded his head. I then turned to Hermione, she looked petrified.

"Hermione" I whispered.

"I'm fine" she said in a monotone voice. "Lets just find the snake."

I knew she wasn't alright, I knew for a fact that both Ron and Harry were like her brothers. I could imagine the pain she was in right now. I wished I was able to take on her pain and suffer through it for her but there wasn't a spell in the world that was magical enough to do that at the slightest.

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