Chapter 47

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        I take in my surroundings. Its a deserted place with the grey mill like structure standing aloof, hovering over the occasional bushes that one can spot here. The one thing I am happy about is that the gang is originally from Alabama, which ensures that only the people in or around the mill are the cause of concern for us. And they are probably a dozen. I wait for Xavier to enter through the entrance and then walking slowly around the mill, I try to find a way to get in. The evening is getting darker and its important for me to get Noah out of here. 

I move around cautiously, my heart thumping in fear. If anything goes wrong we are screwed. Now that I think of it, this plan isn't that smart as I initially thought it is. I steady my breath and then walk around the huge grey structure. Its a single storey place so at least I don't have to worry about navigating floors. I feel surprised to see there are no guards or men guarding the outer part of the mill. And then when I think, its not too surprising for two reasons. One- there are possibly a very few number of people from the gang here. And second- they are just expecting Xavier so maybe their guard is down.

Shaking my head from my thoughts, I walk to the west side of the mill to find a window. Its a typical four sectioned and two door window which is all dirty and old. I cautiously look as far as I can inside and see no one around. Its large room, and the door though not closed is unlocked and ajar. I try to open the window but its locked from the inside. Though its glass window, I can't break it and enter. The sound would be inviting trouble for myself. I take another 5 minutes to figure out how I can get in. When I don't see any other inlets, I decide to just break the glass. I fumble around for a rock and get one at some distance from the window.

 As I'm about to hit the window, my gaze falls on the small crack in the wooden frame at the base of the window. I quickly drop the rock and pull at the cracked wooden frame. It doesn't budge at first but I keep on pulling relentlessly when it finally starts to come apart. I manage to pull out the frame of the lower part of window, which is still not opening my access inside the mill. I leave the half pulled apart wooden frame dangling and slide two of my finger from both hands under the thin space space between the wall and the now uncovered window's glass. I shake it with all my might and and the after persistent tries the thin slice of glass cracks. My hands bleed as I try to hit noiselessly at the glass and finally manage to get one of the four sections accessible and clean of the glass. I clutch my bleeding palms for a few seconds in pain but then remind myself of the work I'm here to do. I slide my arm and unlock the the latch, sliding it up.

I enter the room and noiselessly walk to the door. I see a long passage in the front and on my two sides. There are two doors in the front passage and I see a man guarding one of them. That can be the room Noah is kept in. I need to distract the man. I see pieces of metal tools on the side of the door and quickly pick them up. When I'm sure the guard won't notice, I throw them loudly to the right passage beside my door and quickly hide, sticking to the wall. The tools make the expected loud noise, startling the huge guy. He cautiously starts walking towards the door and right passage. He nears the passage and just as he is about to turn, I come out of hiding and raise my hand straight and up to punch him the throat. 

This is one of the most fascinating techniques that I learnt in my self defense classes. This hit attacks the opponent's neck causing instant choking, blackout or even death. But my plan fails miserably as I come out of hiding a second too earlier and the guy immediately puts his guard on, blocking my way to his throat. He grabs my arm and aims to hit me on the jaw but I duck down. He is about to hit me again when I do the only thing I can- I kick him in the groin. Hard and powerfully. And from the way he groans I can tell he wasn't expecting this. I immediately remove my handkerchief and shove it in his groaning face to muffle the noises. I then punch him right in the throat and the guy falls down unconscious. I feel terrible and proud at the same time as I try to control the adrenaline rush in my body. I have no time to register the fact that I just might have killed a human as I drag his body to the side of the passage and leave him lying limp there. I am sure he is not dead but the blow was hard enough to knock him out for sometime. The only problem is I don't know how long is that 'sometime'

 I run as noiselessly as I can and dash in the room the guy was guarding. At first, I see nothing but then I see the small form of Noah, his head hiding in his lap and his body crouched in the corner. I close the door and walk to him and he crouches further into the wall.

"No no no, don't hit me please. My bubba will till you." He says scared and his voiced teared. I feel a pang right in the feels as I take in his misery.

"Noah its me." I say softly and his head snaps up like a lightning bolt. 

"Sammy!!" He cries and runs into my waiting arms and I hush him. I caress him for a while as he cries and cries, tightly clutching on my shoulder. I hug him back tightly and pat his back, kissing the side of his face telling him he will be safe now. As much as I want to tend to his scared heart right now, I can't. We are running out of time and I have no idea what must be happening with Xavier. I hope he is fine.

"Noah sweetie listen. I am gonna get you out of here okay? But I need you to stay quite. And don't make any noise or these bad people will catch us okay?" I explain in a whisper and he nods, his eyes red from crying. I reminiscent about the guy I knocked out just now and decide to take a necessary precaution and formulate another plan.

"Now listen here Noah. This," I say and slip my device into his pocket. " is a device that can save your bubba, me and you. We will go out from here together but in case something happens and I tell you to run, you will run okay? There is window open in the room across the hall and you will go out from there. Keep running till you reach Bubba's car near the bushes. Get in the car and hide and then immediately press this button. And suppose in between, anywhere you sense danger, you are not to panic okay? Just press this red button and the police will get you." I explain hurriedly, hoping that he understands my complicated instructions.

"If plessing this button will call the police, why not pless it now Sammy?" He asks, gulping back another muffled cry.

"Because if we press it now, the bad guys might harm Bubba." 

"Bubba is here?" He asks, widening his eyes and I nod.

"Yes Noi, he is here to save you. Now we can't waste time talking. Lets go." I say and take his hand. I open the door to the passage and peep all around. I look at Noah and ask him once again,

"Noi you know what to do right?" I ask and he nods nervously.

"If you can't run, I should teep running to Bubba's cal and hide and then press that red button." He says and I can sense he is damn fearful about this whole thing. Of course, for a 4-5 year old kid, this situation is too much. 

I once more glance outside and when I find it void of any danger, I start running with Noah trotting behind. My hopes flare up as I successfully reach the room where I came in from. I raise Noah in my arms on the window surface when I hear footsteps. Very close to the room. My heart sinks in realization of the situation I feared the most. I will barely mange to drop Noah down. If someone spots us, they will immediately catch us both. Also, the direct effect would be on Xavier and they might harm him before the police reaches within the next five minutes. Shit shit shit! What am I gonna do? I have to get Noah out of here safely! I have to buy him some time and that can only happen if I stay back for distraction so he reaches out safely.

"Noah run! I won't be able to join you." I say in a muffled voice and make him jump on the ground. He turns and looks at me scared and I desperately urge him to go. He starts running in his small steps. Oh God, please get him safely to the car please. I then struggle to think of something but I realize there is nothing I can do as I don't even have five seconds in my hands. I run and hide on the side of the door, some metal scraps clutched in my already bleeding hands. And as I wait for the attacker to enter, my chest heaves up and down like a free fall ride. 

As the attacker enters the room, I turn and we both raise our hands to hit each other but I gasp in shock when I see who it is! It is the person I never expected to be here!

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