Chapter 18 Chains

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UF Papyrus's P.O.V

The plan was set. The sky was now a beautiful navy blue so I started heading towards the house. I just hope this plan works.

I checked my wrist, the bell was still tightly tied around it but it wasn't making any noise because I made it stay still with magic.

As I approached the house I stood under the window of Cinna's window. I then took the magic of my bell and shook my wrist as loud as I dared.

A wave of relief washed over me as I saw the windows open and a rope was thrown down. I took hold of the rope and started climbing.

I reached the top and went to get through the window. "Cinnamon it wo- ahhh" I was suddenly thrown across the room and banged my skull against the wall.

"What the" I groaned as I closed my eye sockets and held my skull in pain. "So you decided to come back" my eye sockets opened and widened, that wasn't Cinnamon.

That was Sans! I looked past Sans and saw Cinnamon. He was chained up by his wrist and ankles and a cloth was tied around his mouth.

There were tears running down his face as he tried to struggle free. He then looked up and saw me. He try to say something but it was heavily muffled through the cloth.

"How, how could you do this, how could you do THAT to your own brother!?" I exclaimed. "Exactly, MY brother" Sans said, standing extremely close to Cinnamon.

"Aren't I?" Sans asked to Cinnamon. Cinna shook his head frantically. Sans then pulled at a chain that revealed a collar that was hidden under Cinna's scarf.

"Wrong answer!" Sans said as he pulled the chain hard, semi strangling Cinna. "Try again~" Sans said. Cinnamon then shook his head frantically again.

"You're MINE do you hear that!" Sans shouted, flailing his arms and somehow accidentally ripped off the cloth over Cinna's mouth.

"NO! I'LL NEVER BE YOURS! I BELONG TO HIM AND HE BELONGS TO ME!" Cinnamon shouted, gesturing at me. "Well... If you're so desperate for eachother, you can stay together" Sans said, surprising the both of us.

"R-REALLY?" Cinna asked in full disbelief. (awesome song amirite?) "Of course, you can stay, together in chains" Sans said before magically putting me in chains.

"What! No! Let us both free! Now!" I shouted as the chains tightened around my bones. "I'm afraid I can't do that, enjoy your time" Sans said calmly before walking out the room.

"BUTTER, I'M SO SORRY! I WOULD OF TOLD YOU BUT I COULDN'T! SANS KEPT ME HERE AN-" "Shh, nothing's your fault" I said, cutting Cinna off.

"BUT IT WAS MY IDEA TO TRY AND GET YOU IN!" Cinnamon said, more tears streaming down his face. "And it was the best idea I've heard in a long time, we couldn't control what Sans did" I said, completely calm.

"I JUST... I LOVE YOU" Cinna said in a whisper. "I love you too, you are mine and I am yours, we stay together, even in chains" I said with a small smile on my face.

"It's late, we should sleep, we'll see what tomorrow brings" I said, starting to close my eye sockets. "BUT... GOOD NIGHT BUTTERSCOTCH" "Good night Cinnamon"

Sans... just yeah he well... he...

He went full out yandere.

Have a good day!

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