Elysium Pack

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" You filthy animals......get away....." he said kicking the small girl .

" D-dad... stop..." Sara said, trying to protect her friend . She looked very small....of around 3 years. She tried to stop him but he started hitting her also. 

" Leave her " her friend shouted. She was a faded figure .... but was as young as Sara.

" Get away you bitch...." her dad pushed away the small girl again. " Your filth from your fur is causing me itch bitch....get away "

" Go....go Kate...go..." Sara shouted to her friend as she held her dad's leg to stop him from going towards her.

" Leave my leg you - .....hey come back here...I'm not done with you...." He picked Sara up and slapped her hard.

" STOP STOP IT " he was pulled away by some lady, who was also blurred. " HOW DARE YOU TOUCH A SMALL GIRL " She screamed at him and pushed him hard. He stumbled quiet a lot, before tripping over and falling on the stones.

She and Kate rushed to Sara who was crying. " Sweetie lets get you ho- " 

" Mom...look out out " Kate shouted and rushed to protect her mother from the man who had a stone in his hand. He threw but in landed on Kate's forehead and she immediately fainted, blood oozing out.

" KATE.... KATE.... I'll kill you " She rushed forward , her wolf in control and scratched her father across his chest . He screamed, but she again raised her hand to strike him when he hit her head with another stone. She backed away, clutching her head and growling dangerously....but he hit her again and again. She scratched him again and again but soon lost her conscious and fainted. He continued kicking her, kicking Sara also when she tried to stop him.

" B-because of you I got hurt......  I'll teach you a lesson.. " he said, dragging her by her hair.

Sara sobbed looking at her friend who was lying there unconscious and slowly lost her own.......

Sara sat up. Breathing hard, tears flowing............ w-what was that? A memory ?? Sara had never seen that girl before.......or had she? She was very young in her dream.....so maybe it had happen and then she had forgotten....

She then remembered the behaviour of the small girl's mother. Was she a werewolf? Then even that girl who she called Kate, must be a werewolf.

" Sara.... "

Maybe that's why her dad was calling filthy animals.

" Sara....."

But why are the dreams coming to her so out of the blue. What required to trigger the memory? Kate........' I should search for her ' she said to herself.

" Sara .... " Sara jumped back when two fingers snapped in front of her.

" I was calling you from a long time ... Is everything fine ?" Jordan asked her, as he held her face in his hand. He looked worried and she calmed down.

" Nothing.....just some weird dreams . " Sara said as she held his hands in hers.

" Weird dreams??? L-Like what ? "

" Just....weird....plain weird...yesterday I saw a grey wolf attacking me....today some girl friend I had when I was like 2-3 years old... I mean I shouldn't even be able to remember much from that age....but still i could see a view of it...."

Jordan looked in thought and after some time said, " Maybe stress has something to do with it ? You are scared or have some fears because of this while commotion that has happened...maybe that triggered something..."

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