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3 years earlier.

Alfred F. Jones was walking down the street, spinning a basketball. "I sure won that game! I'm amazing! The best hero ever!" He muttered to himself. A man walked up to him.

"Sir, my dog has a bad leg and my van broke down, could you call the vet for me?" He asked.

"Sure no problem! Where's the van?"

"Over there." The man pointed to a white van.

Alfred walked up to it, "I'm a good hero!" He blinked in confusion when there wasn't a dog there. Instead he was pushed into the van.


"Damn bitch, shut up." Alfred felt himself get smacked by someone. He was left dazed and confused, as the van sped off. An abandoned basketball was all that was left on the scene.

Gilbert was walking down the street, going to pick up his younger brother, Ludwig, at his school.

"...Hello sir, are you willing to buy any candy?" A little boy walked up to him, holding a box of candy. Gilbert thought for a moment. Ludwig would be happy...


"...Come over here please then, these are just for show." The kid began to walk to a white van. Gilbert followed him, but once he got to the van he saw a teenager, tied up and wide eyed.

"...What is this?!" Gilbert asked, turning around, only to be pushed in. The teen began to struggle.

"Fuck, let me go!" Gilbert's cries were unheard and the van sped off.
Arthur Kirkland was walking around his university, which had been pretty much empty for summer vacation. His mother had moved back to England a year ago, but he couldn't afford a plane ticket.

A little boy was crying, which made him stop. "Hey, what's wrong?" He crouched down to the boy's level.

"...My cat is gonna die!" The boy sobbed, wailing.

"...No it's not, come on show me where it is."

The boy started to walk to a van. Inside the van was two boys, who's panicked eyes told him he should run. Arthur turned to leave and call the police but a bulky man pushed him in, and he hit the top of the van, leaving him dazed.


"Nice insults." Another boy snickered.

"I don't see you coming up with anything better." Arthur countered.

"Oh yeah!? I can think of- guys they closed the van. Well fuck."

"...Well shit, this is so unawesome."

"That's not a word, you little twat."


Arthur sighed, "What are they going to?"

The other boys shrugged, "Hell if I know."

Heh... Sorry about not updating in fucking forever, I had a lot on my mind. Anyways would anyone like to see a Nordic 5 shipping story, like all of them shipped together? I think it'll be a cool story idea.

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