The Wedding

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"You look absolutely magnificent princess." "Noctis is a lucky man."

"How gorgeous, it's a pity how the prince seems hesitant of the wedding ceremony."

Compliments and statements were thrown directly to her ears in a gratitude and somewhat guilt, white and black clothed tailors often shaking their heads in disapproval. Nothing could prevent the ceremony of the young oracle and prince to be officially linked together legal and politically. Not even the harsh pounding of anxiousness and worry beating beneath both of the groom's and bride's chests.

Her blueish eyes scanned her elegantly clad figure, her snow gown drifting behind her, the somewhat transparent veil complimenting her exquisite braids tethered into a ponytail. Her silver bangles clicked lightly together like the church bells ringing outside, the silver promise ring seemingly mocking her of her unloyalty.

"Simply beautiful my lady. Though, your cheeks seem paler than usual." That voice was so familiar yet felt like a distant memory. Her blonde bangs swayed as Lunafreya spun on her heels, connecting with the mysterious olive hues of her attendant.

"I hope my absence beside you has not been a hassle towards your duties as an oracle."

"O-Of course not Gentiana. Being here simply raised my mood to its fullest." The Tenebaean princess chimed, waltzing towards the black haired woman.

"Your mother would have been so proud, finally experiencing the ceremony fulfilling the love between you and prince Noctis. I am quite relieved to gain the invitation a week ago, having enough remaining time to arrive here." Gentiana spoke happily, cupping the paler princess' hands within her own. Could she really marry the man she's almost never interacted it in twelve years, only speaking briefly through letters?

Surely enough, he's changed over the years from the young shy boy restrained in a wheelchair to the courageous and powerful prince he was meant to be. Ever since meeting the young warrior who claimed to assure the wedding to happen, everything clicked together like puzzle pieces. Noctis was no longer the boy that seemed to be enticed with her traits no longer. Years passed since they're last meeting. Why be forced into a wedding meant for f-n?

"Gentiana, must I go through with this?" Dark haired eyebrows knit together in confusion, taken aback by her plea.

"M'lady, why the sudden question?"

"Noctis, he has matured since our last meeting. I no longer cherish the feelings once upheld before. Those childish days have passed, and my own feelings grew towards another man without even being conscious of it. Noctis chose f-n, I chose Nyx. Our own paths have intersected and now they have separated. May the gods forgive my future deeds of marrying to a man whom loves another wonderfully." Lunafreya answered, gazing down at the promise ring one last time.

(Picture Above is what Noctis is wearing)
The collar continued to suffocate around his neck worsening the anxiety beginning to build beneath his chest. His heart was racing at the thought of the judgemental stares of attending guests and party-goers. He was certainly bound to stutter over the oaths he had to recite around hundreds of people, some watching on flat screen t.v.s while others would watch live inside the building.

"My, my. Such a handsome boy the Majesty has raised despite his weakened condition. Girls will stare in awe at your attraction Prince Noctis." The tailor complimented, brushing the shoulder pads of his suit.

Silence was the tailor's only response. His mind was completely blank and empty, the pounding of his heart subsiding. Correct, you were no longer here with him, standing by his side. His azure hues flickered briefly towards the mirror examining the polished ebony suit covering his whole body. The clothing was uncomfortable and constricted. A looser blazer could have been preferred, but he had no say in it. Never could decline the duty of marrying the oracle either. Those feelings for the beautiful blonde may have been just a simple side effect of his maturity.

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