You wake up in Niall's arms, your body pressed against his. you smile and enjoy being cuddled by him. Light snores escape Niall's slightly parted lips. You giggle listening to him. Today your boyfriend was turning 20!! You hated the fact that he was growing up and you were still young. He was no longer an teenager, he's an adult now not that he ever acted like one!! That's what you loved about him though. You turn yourself round so you were facing Niall. You start to kiss his chest lightly and then you move up and start to kiss his neck. He stirs, a smile playing on his lips. You smile seeing him smiling. You move up and kiss his lips, he kisses you back and you two share an amazing morning kiss. "Good morning sexy pants!" you say as you pull away from the kiss.

"Good morning my gorgeous, sexy girl" he says smiling. You giggle and smile.

"Happy birthday my amazing, hot and funny leprechaun!" you say poking his nose. He laughs and kisses you.

He pulls away from the kiss and raises one of his eyebrows "So do I get a birthday present now?" he asks winking, his hands moving down to your bum. You smile and put your forehead against his, you shake your head, his face drops.

"Aww but morning sex is the best!!" he whines. You laugh and jump out of the bed, you feel Niall try to pull you back to the bed. You run to the wardrobe and open it up taking the big green box that was hidden behind a pile of your clothes. You turn round and find yourself smiling like mad. You look at Niall and see him smiling at you. You climb onto the bed and hand him the box, before you straddle his legs. He smiles and opens the box and laughs as he see's all the goodies you'd put into it. He looks back at you and smiles. "Babe, You didn't have to do this. I would of been more than happy with a blowjob and cuddles whilst watching movies all day" Niall says smiling. You burst out laughing and shake your head at him.

"Oh you would, would you!"

"Yeah I would of been extremely happy with that!!" He says smiling.

"Just see what's in the box Ni" You say trying to distract him from birthday sex. He sighs and looks in the box.

"No!!" Niall says in shock as he picks out the bright green hat that had 'emerald city' in big dark green letters across the front. He had told you about wanting that hat for so long that you knew that it would be the perfect present for him. You also put some of his favourite foods inside along with tickets to go and see derby county for one of the most important games of the season. "oh my god babe!! Jesus you really are the best girlfriend in the whole entire world!! You're coming with me to the game right??"

"Err I thought you would want to go with Darragh or something" you say excited that Niall would want you to come with him. He screws his face up.

"Come on babe, I don't get to see you as much as I get to see Darragh! of course I want you to come with me!!" He says smiling and stroking your right hand. You look away and smile, messing with his hand. You remember that you were going to cook Niall a full English breakfast and jump off his legs and stand by the edge of the bed. "Whoah where do you think you're going?" he asked pulling on your hand and causing you to fall back down onto the bed. You laugh and lie down looking at him.

"We'll Mr. Horan I was going to make you some breakfast, but if you don't want it then we'll forget all about it!" you say smiling. He shakes his head.

"I'm fine thank you my darling of delight. I'm quite happy with cuddles and kisses in the morning" he says wiggling his eyebrows, you laugh and cuddle up close to him He kisses the top of your head and places the box on the floor.

"Err you missed a present in there" you say pointing to the box. He looks at you confused, but bends over to pick the box back up, he shoves all the other presents out of the way to get to the bottom of the box where there was a photo frame with a picture of you and Niall when you first met as a fan. He laughs and smiles.

"Awww babe that's so cute!" he says picking it up kissing you in the picture and putting it on his bedside table. You feel yourself blush. You had organised loads of presents throughout the day to arrive for Niall. The one present you were looking forward to most though was the one for later on tonight. You were planning a sexy night. The reason why you denied him sex before even though craved to feel his hips slamming against yours, the feel of his lips on your neck, his tongue doing amazing things to your body!!


Okay so I know I haven't updated in absolutely ages, but I felt I needed to update so here's a little bit for you now. I know it's not much, but I plan to update soon. I promise!! xx

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