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He was wearing all white and silver silk, with embellished spots of gold. A sword was hanging out the side of his belt. It was long and sturdy like the ones used to cut nooses. He has no right too...

I pushed my way to the front of the crowd, pulling my hood tightly around the frame of my face. I was practically running to the front of the platform.

Kai drew the sword, the metal gleaming in the sunlight. He looked at his target. A white sack had been tied around his head for quick disposal of the head. I could see the point of his ears through the cloth. Kai took a breathe and raised the sword knight like in the air."Stop!" I shouted, right before he swung home.

I scrambled up the platform, drawing my own sword. My cloak hood flying up as I did so. Kai's eyes widened as the point of my sword met his chin. Twelve other weapons focused on me.

"Calm down, Ladies," I tell them. He smirked. "What a way with words my fiancé has. It's been a while E." he says. I roll my eyes at him.

He laughed. "Now, if you don't mind taking that sword away from my neck that'd be great."

When I didn't do as he asked, he smiled and kicked my legs out from underneath me in one quick smooth motion. I snarled and used the side of my sword to bring him down with me. By the time he got up, I was charging to cut down the man. I cut his noose and his body came crashing down onto mine.
He was surprising light, almost like one of the fae. 'No he couldn't. I pulled the straw bag off his head to reveal two long pointed ears in a sea of messy dark brown curls.
I hoisted him into my shoulder and aimed my sword at the guards surrounding me. "I'm the queen of this city, stand down." Only half the men did as I said. One laughed. "I don't take orders from a woman." What a foolish man.

"My gender won't matter when you and your friends are locked up my jail, will it?" I asked him. "He is Fae. Human courts don't have the jurisdiction to prosecute a fae! What is his crime?"

'He was caught illegally in our borders." His tone was almost mocking. "And you are illegally murdering. I wouldn't use that tone with me if you want to keep your job or your freedom." The man sigh and crossed his arms. "We believe him to be a witchcraft supplier." I raised my eyebrows. "Believe?"

The man became flustered. "Well we interrogated him, but he wouldn't speak. Probably some type of witchcraft." His accent reminded me of a farm and hay. I made a deep sigh. "Return to your positions. I'll take care of this."
I sheathed my weapon, and shifted the body over my shoulders. I gave Kai my favorite finger as I climbed awkwardly into my carriage. "Tell the King to expect a letter from me!" I shout at Kai. I was sure I would be summoned to court soon where I would be reprimanded for calling myself a queen and millions of other things. "I can't wait!" I thought to myself.

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