Chapter 26

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Lauren's POV

It's been exactly...five minutes since the wedding, and Steve and I are already on our honeymoon. We rented this beautiful home on the beach in Hawaii.

" What do you suggest we do now, Mrs.Rogers?", Steve asks as he carries me into the house.

" Oh, you know exactly what I want to do, Mr.Rogers", I say with a smirk.

" Off to the bedroom we go", He says as he carries me up the stairs of the house.

WARNING: SMUT SCENE AHEAD!!! This scene contains slight domination, and a whole lot of sinning. Completely R-rated. You have been warned.

Steve drops my down onto the round mattress in the bedroom, devouring me with his eyes as he bites down on his bottom lip. I--very much so wanting to completely be in control-- eagerly bring my hands up to un-botton his dress-shirt, but he grips my hands, stopping me in the process.

" No, doll. Right now... it's all about you. Let me do the work, sweetheart", Steve says in a sultry voice,the nicknames almost making me loose my resolve.

I retract my hands, keeping them at my sides with my palms flat against the bed. One by one, Steve slowly slips my shoes off of my feet, then kneads the arches in my feet with his thumbs.

I lay back, allowing him to be in control, even though I'm trained to take down someone double my size and could easily dominate him. And considering that I have magic.

His fingers ghost up my body as he un-ties the satin material of my dress that was wrapped securely around my neck. Steve gently slides the dress off of me, allowing my matching red laces bra and panties to be revealed.

My husband starts by gently massaging my calves, then works his way to my thighs, then my hips, then my breasts, and then finally, my neck. He looks me directly in the eyes, and slowly brings his lips down onto mine

Our lips fit together like two puzzle pieces, slowly and passionately caressing our lips. He nudges my thighs apart with his knee, resting his leg in between as he starts leaving open-mouth kisses down to my breasts.

Steve removes the lacy material from my breasts, gently cupping them in his hands. He kneads them, and then momentarily sucks on my nipples.

He slides down in between my legs, quickly discarding me of my panties. At first, he teases me by blowing cool air on my heat.

I squirm a bit, my skin feeling electrified whenever I feel his touch. Steve kisses up my inner thighs, and then finally brings me to my happy place.

I arch my back off the bed, combing my fingers through his hair as he presses his tongue flat against my core. He doesn't move at all, just keeping his tongue pressed up against me.

I try to roll my hips against Steve's face, but his hands keep my hips from moving. No matter how much my mind is screaming for me to take control, I allow myself to be immersed in pleasure.

Steve soon begins to flick his tongue against my most sensitive part, making my whole body jerk. I moan as the quick flicking of his wet tongue brings me closer and closer to my peak.

But... he doesn't allow me to reach it. Instead, he just stops.Steve steps back and begins to rid himself of his clothes.

" Let me help with that", I say as I reach forward to un-do the buttons of his white shirt as he does the rest.

My hands roam along his broad chest as he lays me back done. Steve alines his fully erect member at my core as he intertwines our fingers together.

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