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Hello world, I am June, yes that is my name and as many people know that is also a month, but why should I care, that's what my adoptive parents named me. Every story has a beginning this is my beginning.....

Left alone in the woods, abandoned, only 3 weeks old, who is crazier than the people who left me there? Some hikers heard me crying and came to my rescue, they soon became my parents... I grew up in their house until I was 13 then I ran from home, a fugitive, I didn't want the life of a normal girl. They tried to hide the fact that I was abandoned and they were not my real parents. They tried so many times to convince me that they were my blood, but i knew that they were lying, when I was younger I found the adoption-certificate. They couldn't get anything past me, santa, the tooth fairy, the easterbunny, all lies and all them! I've learned not to trust anyone, except myself. I have one friend, Luna, what a pretty name, she's running with me, we are just too close to be away from eachother for too long, and I'm her olny friend,i couldn't just leave her!

"June, are you ready?" Luna asked, she had her money and a backpack with clothes and some food.

"Yeah I'm ready to leave this horror of pink!"  June grabbed her backpack, with everything that they needed, and her other backback of clothes and medicines, and then her piggiebank, she had $99,999,999 in there, she was glad that she had some money. Luna had $55,500 on her. Then they were off to their hideout... Fudigitives..... they each had dove into a war that they could never excape.

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