Chapter 4 Part two

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Jacks POV
I decided to go check on her maybe shes sick? I walked up the stairs and hear quiet sobs?! They are coming from the bathroom, I wonder if she's ok.
I walk closer and hear her thinking or talking to her self. I don't really hear but I do I make out bits and pieces like "he doesn't care""why is he here" I couldn't take I had to know what she was talking about, so I just opened the door surprisingly it opened!?.

        What is saw made me want to cry. Abby was sitting on the floor with her knees at her chest crying trying to be as quiet as possibly.? Questions were flying through my mind like why is she crying!? Is Abby hurt? Did I - I was broke out of my thoughts by her whispering to me saying "Get out plz" barely above a whisper

   I was shocked. I thought she was happy for me to be back and to see me. "Why?"
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