Fallen Down

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Pain. All I could feel... was pain. My right arm throbbed and my left leg spasmed with an agonizing jolt. Opening my eyes, my vision was clouded with blotches of red and white. Where was I...? I tried to move. Tried to get up. But that was a big mistake. With a silent cry of shock it dawned on me that I wasn't going anywhere any time soon. Wiping my eyes with a shaky hand, I pulled it back and dared a look. Blood. My blood. I was bleeding from my forehead. Taking this chance to examine the rest of my being, I could see my arms, legs, and even my torso was stained in a crimson glow. My clothes were tattered, and I appeared to be in the middle of a snowy pathway. How did I get here..? Where /was/ here? Why couldn't I remember!? The pain in the back of my head was a telltale sign that I must have hit it somehow. Perhaps that was why I couldn't remember anything past this point.

"...help me.." The pain, the fear... it finally all caught up with me, and I found myself sobbing without control. My leg was surely broken, and my arm as well. My tattered clothes revealed a rather large black and blue bruise on the left side of my ribs, and what's worse, I realized I was freezing. Looking up at the sky, I saw fresh snow was just starting to fall. "..." There was no one here to help me. No one to tell me that it was all going to be okay. No one to take the pain away. No one to protect me... I was all alone. "..n-no.." I sobbed into my bloody hands, my strength slowly fading me. I was going to die here without ever knowing why, or what happened. How I came to be in this desolate place. Cold tears trailed down my cheeks as I whispered one last hopeful plea. "Please... somebody... help me.."

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

Footsteps...? Did I hear correctly? Or was my mind playing another cruel trick? Unable to move, to do anything but stare at the blood soaked snow around my broken form, I prayed from the very depths of my SOUL that someone would find me. Help me. Save me. Anyone...

Shivering as I clutched my body, staring down at the red snow below, I saw a shadow... looming above me. Shakily I lifted my head, my eyes barely open, my vision failing me. I was met with a sight... that I never expected to see in my entire life. A skeleton... a skeleton with a large crack on the top of his skull, and one bright, glowing red eye. A blue jacket with a white fluffy hood, a white, red splattered undershirt, and red stained cleaver that hung loosely from his stripped pants belt loop. Had the reaper finally come? Was my time truly at its end..?

He stared down at me with an almost maniacal grin, his one red eye boring into my own blue eyes, piercing through my very SOUL. Was this a dream? A vision? I could hear him mutter something beneath his breath, another shudder, a whimper escaping my lips as my injuries reminded me of their presence. My vision was fading quickly, splotches of black clouded the corners of my eyes.

Falling back onto the snow on my left side, I could feel more hot tears trailing down my freezing cheeks. Shakily looking back up at this being, I spoke the only words that I could. The only words that I truly meant at that moment in time. "... s-set me free..." I pleaded. "Please... kill me..." I could hear my voice waver and fade, my eyes slowly closing as I finally succumbed to the pain and the cold... but not before I saw the look of shock upon the beings face. Slipping into unconsciousness, I was greeted with great relief as I became numb to the agonizing pain. But... the one thing I could not explain... was the unmistakable feeling... of being carried.

A/N: I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter! Cliffhangers are always fun, amirite? >;3 Let me know if you'd like to read more! ❤️

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