sometime together and truth behold

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Sasuke's POV

So Naruto need answers and I'm supposed to give them to him.......

I think maybe I should lie but......when he finds out he would get mad at me.

So I'll tell him than "OK Naruto I'll tell you let's g....."

"Sasuke I think we should all know what's going on here" itachi says as he crosses his arms as I growled at him....

You know it has been 3months or more since me and sasukie went missing and I guess there worried.

Sasukie sighed being the first to speak "I was kidnapped while on my way from kakashi house" sasukie says as I looked at him like he just killed my family in 2 seconds "did you even care that I went missing" I growled as he held his hands up in defense "wha.....of course.....I did" he says though he kept pausing to think of the right words to say, this faker thinks it's funny to mess with me "I asked sasukie if he know were you were and he said you went to tell store and would be back soon.........

I trusted him but when you never returned home I didn't know what to do" Naruto says as he lowered his ears "did your nightmares come back" I asked him as Naruto nodded 'oh my poor naru' I thought as I hugged him.

"So who took my place while I was gone" I asked "kyuubi he stopped being around itachi to spend time with me" Naruto says as he hugged me and I softly patted his head.

"Sasuke what happened to you though me and kyuubi spent each day searching for you" itachi asked "I was attack while making my way down town(with some friends there gonna make me a sandwich do do do do do do do)" I said while looking at my brother "what why did you fight back" itachi says "I did there were 30 people after me and sundenly I just hid in an ally way next thing I know I'm in a bag trying to break free" I lied though half of it was true I did get attacked by 30 people.

Naruto looked at me worried as his hand gently patted my head and I looked at him "what are you doin" I said looking at him "I just miss the way your hair felt is all" he says running his fingers there my hair causing my tail to wag under my shirt this is bad.

"I found out that I was taken to orochimaru I don't know what he did to me but he didn't want to to leave until I tried to trick him but ended up being sent somewhere and Naruto I need to see if you remember this place" I asked looking at my little kitten as he nodded his head.

"Funny I didn't see you at orochimaru's hideout" sasukie says as I looked at him "and is that why he ignore me for the time being" I asked glaring at him as he shrugged "I regret helping you excape" I said though life should have no regets.

As my twin just shrugged and smiled as he just continued snuggling with his date.

"Is that all or is there more" naruto asked looking at me and though I wanted to tell him but at the same time I couldn't so I.....  

"Yes he ha......they have more to tell you" itachi says really dude really ugh.

I looked at naruto as he seemed focused on me and me only as we made eye contact for a while as I began talking "OK ya we do me and both sasukie do" I said I knew he was freaking out on the inside as he looked at me like I was the one who killed our parents which I didn't do don't worry about it.

I knew he wanted to kill me when I said that pay back is perfect now I just needed to ruin the rest of his life by taking him back to that man with out a single care in the would but I'm not gonna though menma needs more alone time from sasukie than Naruto who has ansiaty.

I watched Menma happily snuggled close to my brother as they seemed happily I've been away longer than that joker he's only been gone for what some days I've been gone for months that ticks me off actually but I soon calmed down when Naruto hugged me a little tighter as I hugged back I don't wanna keep this secret from him I can't.

I noticed Naruto was looking at me he seemed surprised actually everyone is wonder why.

But I soon found out when Naruto reached up and softly petted my ears.

Itachi crosses his arms and nods "good job sasuke" he says to me I looked at my twin brother who couldn't even move a mussel.

"OK in confused what's going on why are you staring at me" I said as they all (except itachi) pointed at me as I looked behind me at my tail as it just wagged "oh I see" I said and stomped over to sasukie and patted his head as his little secret was given away as well and menma looked at sasukie surprised same with kyuubi and naruto.

"Sasuke that's so cool your now just like me" naruto says as he pounced on me happily and wagged all nine of his tails happily I wagged my tail or I did it its self.

Menma just hugged sasukie picked him up and left the room like straight out literally wonder what there gonna do.

Shrugging I looked up at me and naruto older brothers as they were glaring at the hall way before smiling at us and left to the hall way and let me tell you it was hard not to laugh as all I head was screaming and yelling I guess menma and sasukie got in trouble.....ehhh I don't care I'm happy.


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