After we had eaten lunch we began packing up the tent and going over a plan -Hermione's idea- that Harry knew wouldn't go correctly.

"When has any of our plans ever worked out" He began. "We get their and then all hell breaks loose."

I agreed with Harry, you can't really plan for anything cause life wouldn't let it work out that way. For Hermione's sake and sanity we listened in on her plan and then quickly apparated. The moment we took our first breath a sound filled the air - I knew this was the caterwauling charm.

"Great they know we are here" I gasped before I took Hermione's arm and went down a side street towards an alleyway.

I groaned as I came to a dead end with no way to go but back, which was also out of the question since I could hear the death eaters gaining on us. A door to my right opened and someone called for Harry.

"Potter, in here" he mumbled.

I practically shoved Hermione through the doorway and took a defensive stance until the others made it in too, I then followed. We headed down into the downstairs kitchen and caught the end of a small conversation.

"Did you get a look at his face" Ron said.

"That must be Dumbledores brother." Harry replied back.

Just as I got at the bottom of the stairs in walks a tall man that - like they said - looked just like Dumbledore.

"You must be Aberforth" Harry spoke.

The two began a hasty conversation about Harry being stupid for coming into a wizarding community with his head on the chopping block and then it morphed into something about Dumbledore and trusting him to take on such a heavy burden - and in Aberforths eyes- an impossible mission which would surely end in death.

I didn't feel like listening to it so I let my mind zone out and began thinking of my possible future with Hermione. Before I knew it the three were staring at a portrait of a young girl who was accompanying someone behind her. Suddenly the portrait swung forward and out came Neville who looked like he was just beaten up.

He greeted Harry, Ron, and Hermione and then stopped once he saw me. His reaction is nothing that I didn't expect, after all I constantly gave him hell in our school years.

"What's he doing here?" Neville asked Harry.

"He is with us, he is on our side." Harry responded.

Neville looked at me blankly before just nodding his head.

"Well then, lets be on our way then shall we."

Neville turned and climbed back into the hole that was gaurded by the portrait and one by one we climbed up in after him. I had no idea where we were going but I just followed behind Hermione who was behind Ron who was behind Harry who was following Neville. We had been walking for what seemed liked 5 minutes before Neville stopped to push open a portrait just like the one we went through.

"I have a suprise for you guys" He spoke to the room.

"Ah I hope its not more of Aberforths coconut milk, I have a hard time digesting it as is." The familiar voice of Seamus Finagin spoke.

Neville stepped aside and I watched as Harry walked forward. Suddenly there was a loud applause and several people cheering. We all climbed through and then it was quite. I wondered what happened and then I realized it was my presence. As I climbed from the portrait hole and dropped beside Harry everyone gasped and several students even made a bee-line for the door.

"Hey don't worry you guys Draco is with us, he is on our side." Harry yelled loudly.

The frantic shuffling stopped and everyone relaxed.

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