I need a gangsta...

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I stroll through the lonely streets of Gotham, my face bleeding and my stomach in knots, tears streaming down my face as I do so. I got attacked by my boyfriend- well, my ex boyfriend after what just happened, I'm so scared and alone and I don't know what could possibly be worse than this feeling.

I wish I had somebody to protect me.

I'm such an idiot, I couldn't possibly look after myself in these situations, I'm just really, well, easy, easy to do this stuff to. I'm a forgiving person but everyone I've been with haven't been as forgiving. Suddenly I'm taken out of my trance by a frightening laugh, I stop, not wanting to move, I'm so scared to do anything. The laugh booms through this damp, dark street and I feel a knot, tighter than the previous one, just tightening in my stomach every time I attempt to move, I feel like my legs are jelly and if I do move an inch I'll just collapse. "Well well, what do we have here hm?" A frightening voice asks from behind me, I drop to my knees in a mess, crying, rocking, basically being a silly little girl, "take anything I don't care anymore." I cry out, he just laughs, "well that'd be no fun, would it?" He asks, kneeling beside me and cackling extremely close to me, I shake and look to him, his facial expression is terrifying, his eyes are narrowed and he has a huge, toothy smile upon his extremely pale face, his hair is luminous green, which doesn't compliment his complexion at all, "w-what do you want?" I ask shakily, when I think his grin couldn't get any wider, it does, he stands and holds out a hand, slowly, but eventually, I take it, and he pulls me up to face him, "come and tell Mr. J what happened to ya, how about that huh?" He says, I don't respond, I just look at the ground, to that he grabs my chin with his finger and thumb and yanks my face up to look at his, "don't be the one to disappoint now, come on, I don't bite." He says, then he laughs, "at least, not that hard." He finishes, I feel a little intimidated, but I take his other hand, he seems surprised, but pleased.

After he leads me to his purple Lamborghini parked outside a rather crowded nightclub type place, I tell him my situation, but he doesn't take it seriously, instead he asks me where to find my ex, laughing like a manic as he does. I tell him. He drives to the location and parks right outside my ex boyfriends house, "now, you ready to have some.. Fun?" He asks, I smile, I guess I am, but rather than exit the car or any of that, he hands me a gun, he hands it to me with a giant smirk on his face, I don't know what to do, he pulls out a gun of his own and then we exit the car.

We stop at his doorstep, 'Mr. J' gives the door a novelty knock, then we wait, he creeps behind me and whispers, "hold up your gun." And I do what he says.
The door opens.
There he stands, in fear, I don't know whether it's me he's scared of me or the weird man behind me, but he sure is scared. I smile at this, and I step closer to him, "hey, hey now Sash, what are you doing?" He asks, trembling, "I'm making you feel the way I felt, fearful, hurt, betrayed. This is how small you made me feel you piece of shit." I say, I hear a booming laughter behind me and I join in, "you've lost it haven't you, did I finally knock you insane?" He asks, and that's what did it, that's what made me pull the trigger.

I shot him dead.

I fall to the floor again, this time in a hysterical laughter mixed with tears, then just tears.
"Oh daddy's so proud." Mr. J says to me, slamming both his hands onto my shoulders and roughly massaging. I snap around and point the gun at him, "why would you drag me here and give me a gun?" I ask sobbing, he fakes a frown, "did I forget to tell you what happens when you get into a car with a gangsta clown prince?" He asks sarcastically, I lower the gun, "a what?" I ask, he kneels in front of me, inbetween my legs, he gently caresses my face with the back of his hand, "oh yeah sweetie, you heard that right." He tells, clearly responding to my confused face, I lean my head towards his hand and lean on it, maybe a gangsta is what I need.

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