Meeting 'All of Love'

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You turned into a cute little 3 tailed wolf. You are fairly small. You also had streaks of red at the ends of your tails. You jumped onto your "cousins" head and laid down.

"O-oi (y/n) get off me!" He said patting his head trying to hit you. You yawned and jumped onto Kuro's head making yourself comfortable. He didn't seem to mind.

Soon you felt yourself being lifted up and brought to a fluffy bed, you realized that it was Kuro's bed. He also turned into his cat form and laid down next to you. You snuggled close to him, keeping him close as if you never wanna let go.

"(y/n)! Kuro! Come back here I'm not done asking questions" Mahiru shouted. You just grunted and murmured that you would explain everything later. And with that Mahiru took you both into his back pack and headed for school.

/time skip/

You were on your way to meet with "All of Love". When your arrived at the Arisuin mansion you were grabbed and got pulled into a black limousine. When you turned around you were met with the face of "Snow Lily" and Arisuin Misono.

You smiled brightly at both of them, making them blush.

"Nice to meet you, I'm (y/n) (l/n)!" You said cheerfully. Misono just glared and said his name quietly. You smirked and said. "I know all about you Misono, Lily." You said looking at them seriously.

They looked at you in shock. Then you stuck your tongue out and said "hahaha jokes!". Then Misono just glared at you and muttered a 'bastard' under his breath.

"Wahh Misono-chan so mean~ I just wanna be your friend" you said pouting. "Y-you'll work under me, because I need your powers" he said looking away from your pouting figure.

"Well I'll be your friend as well!" You said cheerfully. "W-whatever!" He shouted. Then you looked towards Lily who was giggling, and smiled at him.

Soon you turned into your little wolf form and sat on Lily's lap. You went in circles until you found a comfortable position and took a nap. Once you woke up, you noticed you were in a dark ally and on Misono's lap.

You yawned loudly and started pawing the air. "Wah! No! Please don't touch that! No Ichigo-kun! Please stop!" You started shouting. They all looked at you in shock. Who was this mysterious 'Ichigo'?

Soon you woke up and climbed on top of Misono's shoulder. You came face to face with very familiar faces.

"Ahhh Mahiru-chan! Kuro-chan! What's up?" You asked smiling. They just shook their heads at your ignorant behaviour and made their way to Misono's limousine.

Soon you fell asleep again.

/time skip to Misono's mansion/

You turned into your human form. When all of them looked at you they blushed. You forgot that you changed your outfit.

 You forgot that you changed your outfit

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