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The rain was falling faster than ever as I picked up my walking pace, pulling my black hood over my rain-soaked hair.

As I turned the corner, I stepped in a puddle, water mixed with mud sloshing over my black converse. Sighing, I walked a little faster, wanting to get home more than ever.

I was just about a block away from my apartment when I bumped in to a tall boy. I looked up at him, seeming taken aback. He had black hair that covered his left eye, and the most beautiful crystal blue eyes that you could ever see. He gave me the smallest smile possible and mumbled, "I'm sorry." I opened my mouth to say "It's fine" but he was gone before so much as a sound escaped my lips.

Confused, I began my journey home again. Finally getting to my apartment, I unlocked the double doors and stepped inside. The first thing I saw when I got inside was a note on the table. I snort. Figures my mother wouldn't be here.

Before I could put my bag on the kitchen table, I heard a crack. "Shit!"

I heard a deep voice yell. I heard multiple footsteps, and before I could scream, a hand covered my mouth. I started to struggle, but a sharp pain enveloped my arm, and I fell in to deep, black unconsciousness.

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