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CHAPTER 50 – True Colors

** ZACH’s POV ** 

‘What’s keeping him so long?’

I’m at one of our hotels in California where he’s staying. It took me not long enough to know his location all thanks to good old Boris.

With the perks of being an Anderson, I can do whatever I want. I can ride a private plane anywhere. It saves me a lot of time and time is what I need in this situation. I have to settle this once and for all. It’s time to face my father.

I’ve been thinking a lot. How I hate myself right now. Why didn’t I hear Tori’s explanation before? Why did I leave Mexico all of a sudden? Why didn’t I ask for any explanation? And why is it that I waited a week to seek her out?

I hate myself for being such a narrow-minded person. The moment I learnt that Tori used me, it never occurred to me that I used her as well. I came clean and only thought of myself. I blamed her for everything well in fact we just did the same. We used each other.

If it weren’t for Nathan’s secret, I wonder if I would have realized this feeling of wanting to be with Tori again. And if it weren’t for Chloe’s little speech about Tori being with Nathan, I wonder if I’d still be sulking and regretting about the things I did.

But why would Chloe tell me that Nathan and Tori are dating even if they’re not? Well, her words gave me the drive to come to my senses. I have to thank that girl once I got home.

Tori still wants me. I can sense that. She wants to be with me as much as I want to be with her. But I don’t want to rush things. This time, I want to take it slow. No more secrets, no more lies.


I’m out of my reverie the moment I heard my father’s voice. I haven’t noticed that he already stepped inside the room.

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