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The young boy watched as his house burned down, hoping his parents would escape. The beta held him back, trying his hardest to calm the young alpha down. The young boy ignored the older man's words as he continued screaming for his parents, showing the pack his broken heart.

"Where are the Williams?" A woman questioned, walking forward.

The beta sighed, "They disappeared. There was blood all over the floor though."

The young boy clenched his jaw, "I hate her."

"Seth, don't say that. Lilianna didn't do-

"Yes she did!" He screamed. "She knew what her parents were planning, she should have told me!"

He shoved the stunned man away and ran towards her house. He burst through the door, stopping when he stepped into a thick liquid. He slowly looked down to see a puddle of blood on the ground, soaking the wooden floor. He immediately jumped back, his eyes wide.

"Lilianna?" He called into the house.

No longer was he angry, now, he was worried. His heart was pounding against his chest as he searched for the young girl.

"Lil? Please...where are you?" He yelled, tears now forming in his eyes.

"I can't lose you too." He whimpered. "I'm sorry if you heard me blame you."

Still, no answer.

He sniffed the air, frowning when he realized her scent was faded. He searched throughout the house, stepping over the puddle of blood. When he reached her room, he stopped.

He knew her for many years, but he was never allowed in her room. He bit his lip, he silently apologized to his missing friend as he twisted the door knob. He gently pushed the door open, he sucked in a breath when he saw the shredded quilt and claw marks on the ground.

He spotted paper on her bed and walked forward. He picked it up and frowned.

"I told you, you're not allowed in my room. I hope you enjoyed my early birthday present. You did complain about how annoying your parents could be.

Happy birthday."

He clenched his jaw, "I'll never forgive you." He growled.

A/N: you can see...far different from the original.

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