How you met

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Chris: You performed the opening for their concert. After you finished performing you walked backstage and he nearly ran into you. He apologized and you two struck up a conversation. He thought you were drop-dead gorgeous, little to your knowledge. He reluctantly left you to go perform. After the concert he chased you down backstage and shyly asked you out which you obviously accepted.

Ricky: Your Angelos (the former drummer) little sister. Your brother and his band were in town and your brother wanted you to go with him to his band practice so he could introduce you to his band. As you two arrived you met the guys who were already practicing. While they were performing you noticed that the one your brother introduced you to as "Ricky" kept looking at you and smiling. During there break he shyly began talking to you and before long he nervously asked to take you to dinner.

Devin: You were the bands new hairstylist/makeup artist. You were doing Chris's makeup when he walked in and nearly dropped his jaw. After you were done with Chris, He sat down. You noticed that while you were doing his hair and his makeup he kept staring at you. After a while he finally spoke up and you two began to chat. Let's just say before he left he made sure to ask you out.

Ryan: You were the new merch girl for Motionless in White. After a concert, Ryan saw you struggling with one of the merch boxes and ran over to help you. He took the box from your small arms and put it in the back of the truck for you. You two chatted afterwards and you gave him your number. As you were leaving you kissed his cheek as a token for him helping you, leaving him with a goofy grin plastered on his face.

Josh: You were photographing a band for a magazine and little did you know that it was one of your favorite bands Motionless in White. As you were photographing them, You noticed that the cute pianist, Josh, kept smiling at you. You smiled back and little did you know how beautiful he thought you were. After the photoshoot, He shyly began chatting with you before you slipped him your number, leaving him with you stuck on his mind.

Vinny: You two met in high school. He was in your science class. On the first day of the semester your teacher sat you right next to him. During class you two would make fun of the teacher and just have a good time in general. One Day after class he asked to walk you home and once you got home he shyly but sweetly asked you out. Obviously you said yes but not before giving him a sweet kiss on the cheek, leaving him flustered.

A/N: I thought this was super sweet and I really enjoyed writing this. I hope you guys enjoyed and I'll make sure to update soon!

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