Episode 5: Slimed! Part 2

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The newly minted Ghostbusters Van had sirens that Regina could see herself learning to enjoy, but at that moment, the shrill whine was only a hum in the back of her mind as she prepared herself for taking on the Possessor.

The van pulled into the parking lot at the Wallace Building and Simon was suddenly unlocking the metal grating lining the walls.

From the front, Cynthia called out to him, "Jordan and I will carry the proton packs and the traps. I want you and Regina to have the slime packs."

"Will it work against the things he summons?" Regina asked as Simon helped her into her slime pack.

"Yes, but not like the proton packs." He straightened his glasses as Jordan helped him into his slime pack. "The slime is positively charged, so it should neutralize the negatively charged entities."

"What does 'neutralize' mean?"

"The force that mobilizes them, either the Possessor or a soul that he has enlisted, will lose its physical form. It won't be easy for it to build a new one. As far as you're concerned, it'll be long gone."

That was good enough for Regina. She helped Jordan into his proton pack and they all climbed out of the back of the van.

Simon showed Regina how to use the slime pack. "Just pull this lever up here. You'll get more distance the farther back you pull it. It only has about 30 yards of pressure."

"What happens when I run out of slime?"

Simon shook his head. "This is just like your Ghost Mace. The slime is duplicates itself. If you find that your streams are weak, just give it a minute." Simon was suddenly worried. "Oh, and think happy thoughts."

"Really?" She smirked, thinking Simon was joking.

Simon nodded. "Yes. The slime is generated by emotions. It might self-replicate, but that doesn't mean that it inherits the same mood. It absorbs the moods around it, but if there are strong enough emotions that are contradictory to what is in the rest of the tank, the slime could...turn."

"That's bad?"

Jordan joined them. "The baddest. Instead of hurting Bluto, you're feeding spinach to Popeye."

"Happy thoughts," Regina gave a thumbs up to them. "Got it."

Cynthia came around from the front, and Regina helped her into her proton pack.

"So," Jordan said, "what's the plan?"

"That," Cynthia pointed down the street where police cars were racing toward them. Their lights and sirens on. None of them had noticed the new sirens, as they had already grown accustomed to the sound in their new van.

"As it turns out," Cynthia continued, "we have city contracts, and I was able to leverage that to get local law enforcement to help us with our situation."

"You're a goddess," Jordan said through a wide grin.

"Don't go malevolent, or we might have to slime you next." Simon added without a hint of mirth.

Cynthia smirked. "You can try."

The police cars pulled in next to the van, and the first officer stepped out and walked up to meet the Ghostbusters.

"What do you need from us?"

Cynthia pointed at the Wallace Building. "We need Brent Allen out of that building. We'd prefer it if you could bring him to the back of our van, but if he struggles at all leave him to us."

"While the city might have signed off on this, it doesn't change the fact that I can't arrest someone without probable cause."

Jordan stepped up. "You're only bringing him out here for questioning. Besides, he's impersonating a state official. That's very illegal, last I checked."

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