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"When did this all happen, Lou? How far along is she?" Mila pressed, her eyebrows furrowed together in frustration.

"Remember that night I went on that date, Harry? Well, it was with Bexley. We went to dinner then went skinny dipping in the lake behind her house. We ended up doing it behind a really big tree since it was late at night and-"

"Did you use a condom?" Harry interrupted.

"No. Before you yell at me, she told me she was on birth control..."

"Well she obviously lied, Louis!" Harry scolded.

"Well, no. I know Bexley and she's been on birth control since she was fifteen. She probably just forgot to take it that night or something." Mila added.

"That still doesn't change the fact that shes fucking pregnant." Harry argued.

"Guys, seriously. It's alright. I fucked up and this is my problem, not yours. I will take care of it. I will be the best father I can be and you know that, Harry. Dont you have faith in me?" Louis whined, a frown present on his face.

"Of course I do, Louis. We're just such babies, and now you're having a baby..."

"For the record, I am two years older than you." Louis stated, but Harry only shot him an angered glare.

"I think you should talk to Bexley about it, Mila. Im sure she's just as scared as I am." His voice was soft, almost unsure.

"Of course I will. She's my best friend, Louis. The thing that I just can't get over is that your childs Uncle will be my ex-boyfriend." She admitted, shamefully so.

"If I have anything to do with it, that fucker won't come near my child. That's a promise, Mila."


Several days later, Mila met Bexley for coffee at the same little bistro they'd always gone to.

Right from the start, Bexley was rather uneasy. Her face was pale, and she looked as if she may get sick at any moment.

"Are you feeling alright?" Mila wondered, worry evident in her voice. She knew damn well that Bexley was probably having morning sickness already.

"Honestly, no. I'm sure Louis has already told you-"

"Of course he has." Mila hissed. She was absolutely pissed. "How could you let this happen, Bexley? You know better! Beside's the fact that he's my fucking roommate!"

"I know, Mila! I'm sorry! We met at a party and he's so cute and funny and fucking British and you damn well know I've always fantasized about being with a Brit! He's by far the best sex I've ever had!" Bexley rambled on, tears twinkling in her eyes.

"I really don't want to hear how good my best friend is in bed, Bexley. Really." Mila scoffed, her nose scruntched in disgust. She adored Louis, but the thought of him and Bexley together like that makes her feel sick.

"Well, I'm about four weeks. So I still have a chance to miscarry. He probably doesn't want the baby anyways."

"Don't fucking talk like that, Bexley! Of course he wants the baby, it's his! He's upset, sure, but he's excited more than anything. He's going to be a Dad." Mila nearly fantasized about Louis being a Dad. Sure, he couldn't cook for shit and he loved drinking more than anything, but she was sure he'd calm down as soon as the baby's born.

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