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A/N: This will be a collection of one shots from the series Haikyuu!! I will write about several pairings, so if you have any requests about a pairing or theme then please comment! If some of you want to, then in the future I can make one or two chapters with a Person X reader version!(If that makes sense)! I won't write any lemons, sorry, I suck at it (unfortunately)

Well, I hope you enjoy this story. o(〃^▽^〃)o , And I am very sorry for grammar mistakes.

(I do not own Haikyuu in any way or form, it belongs to Haruichi Furudate!)

He eyed the orange colored plant fall down from the tree and onto the wet ground. Students passed as they talked about their lives and crushes. The male leaned down and grabbed the piece. He did this softly, scared that it would break. In his eyes it was very beautiful. It stood out in the flock of leaves. Most of them were brown or green. This one special leaf in his hand was an orange and red one. As he turned it over in his palm and inspected it a voice shouted from behind him, making him look over his shoulder.

A small figure ran toward him. He bumped into some of the other students, but didn't seem to care. When he was two centimeter away, he stopped to lean his hands on his knees. His breath came out in heavy huffs.

"Asahi... why aren't you coming to practice?... we were all...waiting for you" The small libero breathed heavily between his words. He moved his hand up toward his forehead, dragging away the sweat.

"I didnt want to train..." Was Asahi's only response as he again gazed at the leaf.

The libero raised a curious eyebrow. he reached forward and grabbed the leaf.

"Hey! Give that back!" Requested the ace, making Nishinoya giggle.

"it is only a leaf, there are probably a thousand others around here!" Nishinoya then gave the leaf back to him. he wanted to crumble it so badly, but he didn't want to hurt Asahi.                            "I know there are many other leaves here, but this one is special. It stands out" The ace said with a calm voice.

The shortest out of the two then smiled a big smile, making Asahi's stomach flutter. Nishinoya patted him on the shoulder and said "Then you have to be that leaf! be the best ace and stand out on the court" He paused, then continued "But then you have to train and not skip... or look at leaves while everyone else are waiting for you" They both laughed, Asahi an apologetic one.

The tall ace scratched the back of his neck as he looked at the plant in his hand.

"If I take it with me it will definitely be destroyed, what to do, what to do..." He softly mumbled.

The smaller boy walked closer to Asahi. He reached up and grabbed his cheeks, which resulted in the taller boy blush different shades of red.

"If you want a lucky item, I have something else I can give you" The libero spoke softly.

He leaned on to his toes, but soon understood that he was too short. Yuu then walked even closer so that he was now standing on top of Asahi's shoes. He leaned up on his toes and kissed the ace on the mouth. Both hands located on his cheeks.

The ace moved his hands up behind his partners hair, tangling his fingers in the dark brown strands. A shiver ran down his spine, a few goosebumps popped out on his arm. A feeling of warmth he loved settled itself in his stomach.

Unfortunately, the libero leaned back. Asahi missed the feeling already.

They stared intently in each others eyes for a few seconds more. Brown orbs meeting each other. The wild shorty then jumped off of Asahi's feet. He ran back to practice, smiling at the baffled male over his shoulders.

Asahi was awestruck. He bit back a smile as he slowly walked forward toward the gym.

"Maybe it is you Nishinoya, that is a special leaf"

Okay. This sucked so bad. Did you stick with me until the end? I applaud you. You deserve a golden medal. I will try my best to at least post one chapter every second day. Once again sorry for the grammar errors!

If you have a pairing or scenario you want me to write about, please comment. ( ・ω・)ノ

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