Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

9 month ago

"Mariah, get your ass right down here now!" my mother growled, I ran for my life towards the kitchen.

Part of me feared my mothers actions. Her temperament was never pretty.

I looked around to see cans of beer scattered all over the floor and the counters. I stared at all the mess for a minute. "What are you waiting for? Go on clean it up" she slurred leaning against the fridge to hold her balance.

Her being drunk never did her any justice it just made her more violent and emotional.

My mother was a drunken alcoholic but, also a major drug addict and worthless women might I add.

After my father's death she became into some type of psychotic mother. Sympathy was all she wanted and it was all she received. Her hate for me begun because my sympathy for my mother was never there.

I lost my best friend, my father where was my sympathy? Who consoled me? No one. After his death I lost sympathy for my mother. She never bothered to ask me how I felt. Instead her mourning was taken to a whole new level.

I know losing a mate is hard but many people who had lost theirs coped in a way many would.

She would verbally and physically abuse me. Yes only me, not my brother or my sister just me, little old Mariah. I never fought back because one thing my father taught me was respect, and that has always stuck with me.

"Mum I have school, I'm going to be late" hatred crossed her face, no emotions just pure anger. She launched her clumsy fist into my face. I let a tear trickle down my cheek, just one no more than that.

She has always done this to me since I was 13. I should be use to it now some would say after 3 years of pure torture. But guess not. Pain is always pain; you can never get use to it.

"You will do as I say you little piece of shit. Sometimes I question myself if you even are my daughter. Look at you dressing as if your homeless. You look fat and ugly. Two things I despite. You should just disappear just like your dad did." she hadn't realised what she had said then it struck her pain and grief was overwhelming her because of her comment.

I received another dreadful punch to my stomach, this time I didn't groan in pain because of the amount of clothing I have underneath. Instead I looked into my 'mothers' eyes the guilt was evident and so was her stubbornness. She wasn't going to apologise she was too stubborn to do so.

"See what you make me say about the man I loved. Just disappear, will you." She screeched while heaving her body upstairs.

My sister and brother have always hated me to and they never have a reason for it to I think it was mainly due to the reason that my father left me most of his inheritance.

But thinking of my own flesh and blood hate me is the most dreadful feeling in the world. But it's more horrible when your mate doesn't even want to look at your face or even acknowledge your existence. It's painful but its life, I have to move past it.

But I couldn't when every time he spends time with me. When we're both alone together I get to see the emotional, genuine sweet side of him, but when he's around his crowd his whole personality changes. He treats me like dirt.

I'm use to it but my wolf isn't, her jealousy and possesive overwhelms her. Seeing him all over girls get's her really furious. But most of all when he's with my sister thats when she seems to enjoy surfacing.

It had been 2 month now since the day I found out I was his mate. But also 2 month since they started dating and i knew why they wanted to see me lose control, so her and Adam do this to me for pure entertainment.

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