Love Olympus (6)

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Clark grabbed the bow with his left hand and placed the arrow in his right. He awkwardly placed them together and stood ridged. Everything about his formation annoyed me to a point. Rolling my eyes I walked over to him.

"Hand it over," I extended out a hand.

Clark looked at oblivious to the fact i said something relevant to the game right now.

"It's okay Venus," Clark cleared his voice. "I think i can handle it."

"Trust me, hand it over." I sighed impatiently.


"Clark," I eyed him. Huffing he grudgingly handed me over the bow and arrow without a word.

"If we lose this don't blame me..." He murmured under his breath. "Girls.."

"I won't," I smiled slightly bringing the arrow up as I positioned the bow right. "Watch..." I whispered. "And learn..."

Breathing in I listened to my heart and muted out everything else. My pupils contracted slightly as I focused on the bulls-eye and nothing, but the bulls-eye.

I could hear Clark's faint voice calling me, but I had to ignore it. I had to see that eye before I could shoot it. I waited for a split second...

There it was. Bulging out of the board just as I let the arrow finally soar into the sky until it skewered the bulls-eye with revenge.

'Good job Venus...' I heard my Dad's voice beside my ear. I flinched for a second and felt his huge hand rub my head like always. That's my girl, he would always say when I hit the bulls-eye.

Blinking I looked to my right to see Clark's mouth literally on the floor. "Boys!" I crooned handing him the bow and arrow. If I could flick my hair to the side right now I would, and with atittude.

I also ouldn't help notice the other contestants were trying to hold their ground. Many straight out intimidated.

"Well gosh!" Bruno laughed. "The red team scored the highest points so far and took the lead with ten points!"

The crowd cheered loudly and all of a sudden it seemed more people were wearing red type of shirts along the stadium. I walked over to Clark and crossed my arms together with the bow in one hand.

"I didn't know-"

"You wouldn't have," I shrugged.

"How long?"

"Since I could remember..... When my Dad was still around," I sighed.

"He left?"

"Disappeared..." I murmured thinking about it.

"I'm sorry..." Clark mumbled.

"That's life," I smirked laughing under my breath.

"You seemed to have changed.... Venus," Clark stared at me. "A lot actually."

"How would you know?" I frowned. "You don't even know me."

The moment those words escaped my mouth the second I saw a virtual knife hit Clark. He flinched openly and looked hurt as well. I tried not to care, but the way he handled it surprised me a little.

"It all depends if you want to get to know me Clark," I huffed.

"Likewise..." He cleared his voice.

"I haven't changed Clark..." I whispered getting his attention. Facing him I couldn't hold back the chilling truth. "I've just faced reality."

Without even looking I could see his fists clenching. However I could also tell he wasn't fighting with me, but within himself...

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