Meeting Dark Pt. 1

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A/N- Haley'scomet of Deviant Art owns this artwork. I do not intend to take credit for it nor do I intend to profit from it.

I've been friends with Mark for over 3 years and it keeps getting better and better. We're neighbors and we're getting into the dating territory. I've already appeared in some of his charity livestreams and I've already appeared in some of his more recent videos. He consults me when he isn't sure what game to play next or when he simply needs some advice. We've grown closer over the last week or two and I cannot wait to go over to his house. He sent me a text inviting me over this evening to watch a movie. I love watching movies, I consider myself to be a huge movie buff. He also said he had someone he wanted me to meet. I wonder who it could be. I pondered this as I changed my clothes into something more comfortable. It was 7, I needed to be there in a half hour. I figured he wouldn't mind if I came over a little early so I walked through my yard and into his. I knocked on the door and I heard someone was in a big hurry. "Just a second!" I heard Mark say. I waited patiently for him to open the door. He came to the door with a towel wrapped tightly around his hand. I noticed bloodstains on the towel...and the floor...and his jeans. "What happened to you?" I asked, alarmed. "Nothing bad. If you would've waited to come over until 7:30, you wouldn't be seeing this mess." Now I was confused. "This was planned?" "Yeah. It''s a thing. Remember how I said I wanted you to meet someone? This has everything to do with him." I made a face. "Alright, so you've completely lost your mind. What else is new?" I asked. "I haven't lost my mind, just come in. Be careful, I am not done cleaning up my blood." He wasn't joking. There was a small pool of it on the floor. I stepped around it and sat down on the couch. "Dark, you can come out now." Who the hell is Dark? A dog? Did he get a new dog? A new dog that bit him on the hand and tore it up? I didn't have time to think of other possibilities. Before I knew it, someone who looked exactly like Mark was standing, no floating at his side. I shook my head. I must've imagined the whole thing. Nope. He was still there. "Well..?" Mark said. "I think I need to go home and take a nap. I'm seeing things that aren't really here." "No, that's him...that's Dark...iplier. I'm sure you've heard of him before." I had. I just thought he was something funny the fans made up. I had no idea he was real. "I...this is strange." I stood up and gave Dark a once over. I stuck my hand right through his midsection. "Okay, that's enough. This is too much, Mark...he's creeping me out." "That's what he does. He's evil...ish." Dark gave me a grin. "Why am I meeting him and better yet how long has he been here?" "Glad you asked. I want you to be my girlfriend (y/n), and if that's going to happen I want you to meet Dark. He's always been here, he's just not always out. If I bleed, I quite literally bleed him out." I was quiet. "Does he do anything?" Mark shot Dark a look. Dark took off like a black bolt of lightning, traveling through the walls, the ceiling, the floorboards. He raised one arm and lifted a vase from the end table and smashed it against the wall. Mark frowned. "My mom gave that to me..." he said. Dark saw this and snapped his fingers. The vase reassembled itself. He turned himself into a lizard, a dragon, a scorpion, a horse, and then snapped his fingers, disappearing into a black cloud of smoke shaped like an hourglass. When the sand ran out he reappeared holding a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates...from Switzerland. I was impressed. "Are those for me?" I asked. Dark nodded and handed me the gifts. "Thank you..." I said, still in shock. "Does...does he ever talk?" "Of course I do...I was just waiting for a good opportunity. I'm Darkiplier...I'm the evil inside of Mark, and my job is to keep him in line. I come straight from Mark's spilled blood, otherwise I stay in the underworld...silently keeping an eye on Mark." His voice was baritone just like Mark's...but slightly evil. "Dark is a part of me no matter what (y/n)...if we're going to be together then you have to know this." I didn't know what to think. I was more than willing to be Mark's girlfriend, but Dark was making me uncomfortable. "Once you come to understand him, you will love how about we watch that movie?" I sat down on the couch. "Okay." Mark popped in our favorite movie and sat on one side of me, while Dark sat on the other. We caught each other looking. "Feel fortunate, (y/n)...not just anyone can see me. If Mark cares about someone deeply, only then will my presence be known." What a bomb to drop. Not only does Mark have a demon double, only some people can see him. Great. Just great. I weakly smiled at Dark. He snapped his fingers, and suddenly Mark's arm was around me. Dark winked. I smiled at him weakly again. "Hungry?" Dark asked. I hadn't really eaten dinner. "Yeah, actually." Dark looked at me as if he was reading my mind. "You like pizza. It's your favorite food." "How did y-"Dark snapped his fingers and there was a pizza in my lap. "Well god damn." I said, taking a slice. "Do" I asked Dark. "I can but I don't usually. Eating for me is for pleasure alone. It's simply long as Mark eats, that is." I looked over at Mark. He had already stuffed half of the pizza in his mouth. "Got your back, Dark." he said, between bites. Dark leaned back on the couch. "So...are you afraid?" He asked me. I didn't know what to say. "A little. I just don't understand this. I had no idea that this was going to happen tonight...or ever." Dark gave a little grin. "I won't hurt you. I can't. I can't even touch you unless Mark kisses me with his blood on his lips. " I remembered sticking my hand through him. "I'm merely a spirit. Not here to get in anyone's way. I have seen you many times before and Mark figured we ought to get to know one another." I listened to Dark intently. "Sometime, we'll have to hang out for longer. I might linger around your world for a few days before returning home. It's rather nice to be free every now and again." Dark seemed so collected and he had no cares in the world. Maybe he didn't. I sure did though. I was now afraid that Mark and I would't work out now. Dark seemed to be no threat to anyone, but who meets a demon and thinks, oh, that's fine. Not me. I continued to stare at Dark in frightened amazement. He was a powerful spirit and perhaps even a friend. After the movie I said goodnight to Mark and Dark and went home. I was to go back early in the morning to spend the day with them again but I wasn't so sure I was going just yet.

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