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Pen Your Pride

Wait For Me Part 1:Past, Present, Future

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"In all the time we spend looking at the sky, you would think we would think we would see the storm coming." 

Dawn was just breaking over Miami, Florida, when the first rays of the sun hit my face. But not even my Vera Wang pillow could block out my alarm clock. I jolted upright as Keri Hilson's Knock You Down came blasting through my stereo. 

"Man, I really shouldn't have gone out last night." I grumbled to myself. I hopped out of bed and padded over to the bathroom to shower. As the warm steamy sprays of the water hit my body, my muscles started to relax, as i remembered the night before... 


I was walking down Palm boulevard, as i approached the open club doors, feeling the bass under my toes, chanting for me to come in. It tingled the soles of my feet. As i moved to the front of the line, dancing to Love In This Club by Usher, ignoring the angry shouts and groans from the people i skipped. I was clad from head to toe in American Eagle. I was wearing a purple and black flannel shirt with my black pencil jeans. My high heeled shoes were from Aldo. 

I walked up to George, the bouncer, and pleaded my case. 

"Give me one reason ii shouldn't send you to the back of the line." He said waving to blondes through the gray glass doors. 

"I can do better and give you three. One:My parent owns this club, uh der! Second: He controls your paycheck. Third: --" 

"Ok, Ok. I get it. Go in!" He said interrupting me. 

"Thanks Georgie!" I gave him a swift kiss on the cheek and ran inside. Once inside the strobing lights instantly blinded me. Tight packed bodies pressed against each other made the atmosphere hot and moist, well more than it usually is in Miami. I pushed and made my way through the crowd to the bar.  

"Hey Bobbie!" I shouted over the loud bass. 

"Hey gurl! What's your poison tonight." He shouted back. 

"Do you REALLY have to ask?" I said laughing backed. 

He laughed back, "one strawberry daquiri!"  

"Thanks." I said, watching him walk away. I nodded my head to the beat of the familiar song. Drop It Low by Esther Dean. 

"Heres youre drink." Bobbie said. 

"How much I owe ya?" 

"The usual." 

"Plus a generous tip so you and Ricky can hit the town right?" 

"You read me like an open book." I reached into my back pocket and pulled out my Edward New Moon wallet. 

"You know Jacob is hotter." Bobbie said. 

"Not tonight Bobbie." I laughed. I went to open up my wallet when someone reached out and stopped me. I fixed my face into an irritated expression, and looked up. My mouth dropped to the ground. A very handsome, ok scratch that, a very sexy guy had his hand on my wrist. Just because he was good looking didn't mean i was gonna let him restrain me. "Excuse me, creeper, i need my hand back." He looked at the ceiling, tapping his chin with his index finger on the other hand, thinking.  

"Naw. You don't. At least thats just my opinion." He said, smiling down at me, as if that were supposed to melt me. 

"Listen, freak. I don't know who you think you are. But i swear. If you don't remove your sweaty terminator arm off of my wrist, so help me god, you'll be eating through a tube." He immediately yanked his hand away. 

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