Chapter 6: The White dragon

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Chapter 6: The White dragon

Claire’s POV

I was completely and utterly shocked when I saw the figure balancing on my window frame. The only thing that was going through my mind was The Clan! They had found me!

There on the window frame, as clear as day, was the clan member I hated most… The White Dragon… in stealth mode.

In all honesty the clan isn’t really creative. Stealth mode is what they call their ultimate fighting power; they go deathly quiet, their strength increases tenfold, they cannot be seen in the eyes of a regular human, but being who and what I was I could see the figure as clear as day, their clan uniform also appeared, a black ninja type outfit with only their eyes visible and their symbol stitched onto the chest.

I watched as the figures eyes grew, did he recognize me? I doubt it when he last saw me I had long raven red hair that cascaded down to the middle of my back, now with my shoulder length pitch black hair, I looked extremely different.

I immediately let my instincts take over; I released the power I had been trying so hard to contain for the past two years. My eyes blazed behind my contacts disintegrating them, so that my true eyes became visible to the world. I heard a knowing grunt come from the direction of the window. Hell no! They were not going to take me! I had escaped them before and I will do it again.

Tristian/ Dominic/ The White Dragon’s POV

I quickly jumped off the window frame into the house as I saw her contacts disintegrate revealing her strange rainbow eyes. Yip she was defiantly one of them… a rider of the light.

I grunted and prepared for the fight ahead. I couldn’t believe Claire was actually a rider. She was so different from them.

She was calmer, yet more powerful. Her ego wasn’t as big as the others, yet it was louder, she seemed like she wasn’t afraid of anything but rejection was like a dagger to the heart, you could see it in her eyes. But riders didn’t feel any emotions, or were we wrongly educated, were they all like Claire?

I felt the energy before it hit me, the blinding light energy that all riders had. It was way more powerful than lightning. My clan uniform, made from a unique thread made of the most powerful metal in the universe( yet as flexible as cotton), blocked most of the blast, the little that bypassed the material hurt like a 4000volt shock. It was so powerful that it threw me into the window, the glass shattering upon impact, I fell face first into the carpet.

“Ouch Damnit!” I muttered under my breath. I got up as quickly as I could without looking like a total fool and positioned myself for an attack that was to come to the girl with the strange eyes.

Claire was strong, really strong, stronger that even the raven haired girl who I fought two years back, the girl who had so easily agitated me, the girl who intrigued me, the girl I watched fall to her doom. I didn’t want to fight this girl standing in front of me, I couldn’t, I wouldn’t. She caught my eyes with hers, and that was when I decided, I decided that I wouldn’t turn her in.

In that instant I turned and jumped out of the window and ran towards my home with all my might. I couldn’t fight her, as hard I had tried to, I just couldn’t. they way her eyes captured mine, they way they blazed into mine, that pull, that connection, it took my breath away.

I wouldn’t turn her in, I couldn’t. I’d tell the Supreme that I was mistaken, she wasn’t a Rider of the Light, I had seen things that weren’t there.

I couldn’t turn her in… I just couldn’t.

Claire’s POV

Staring into his eyes it seemed so familiar, like I had seen them somewhere before, I was trying to place it when all of a sudden he turned and jumped out of the window, and then he ran, he ran like a whole summoning of riders of the light were after him. Did he recognize me and think that he had seen a ghost? I had no idea, but there was something about his eyes.

No time for that I had to get out of here... now!


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