Twenty Two- The Return

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Nico's POV-

I sighed in the fresh air as I sped through small towns, over hills, and through valleys on the back of a horse.

Not just any horse, Will's horse. My arm wrapped around him from behind, his warmth being the only thing keeping me calm.



I heard a voice. My eyes fluttered open, "Huh, where?" Then my eyes fell apon Will and I smiled.

He giggled, "You fell asleep on the horse silly. We're at my castle already."

I smile at him as he helped me off of his horse, "I love you Will."

He smirked, "Love you too Nico." For a brief moment he pressed his lips against mine and then he begun to drag me to the castle. Together we ran down a hill and then through the castle laughing the whole time.

Finally we made it to our destination, Bianca's room. We opened the door to find Bianca and Thalia making out.

"Aw gross!" Nico teased.

"Nico!" Bianca stood, her face very red, and gave Nico a huge hug, "You didn't see that."

Thalia then proceeded to crack up, "Glad your back and all but I wish you would have waited a few minutes to come to us," Thalia joked.

Bianca finally let go of Nico and then engulfed Will in a massive hug, "Thank you."

"No need to thank me Bianca," Will smiled over at me and I melted into his eyes.

Bianca pulled away, "Come with me, there's something I have to show you."

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