I stop to fill up my car before going to the garage, so by the time I actually arrive, it was almost noon. The garage closes in two hours, I have no plans for tonight, and Vance hasn't mentioned anything. All the bay doors are open, a car in each, but I notice V's car is still parked off on the side. I wonder if they were able to look at it yet. I park my car closest to the office door and stroll inside, the bell above the door announces my arrival. There's no one at the desk, the radio is on but it's low, V comes bouncing from around the corner. She's wearing a Vince's Auto t-shirt, some tight black leggings and her hair pulled up into a pony tail. She looks perfect. 

She looks surprised but quickly masks her expression, her lips breaking into a smile.

"McSwoony!" she yells.

"Seriously?" I wasn't expecting that.

"Oh yeah. Sorry, it's not going away."

I laugh. I don't care.

"I actually looked the reference up this morning."


She sits in the chair, and pulls herself towards the desk. I pull a chair from the make shift waiting area and pull it so it's right across from her, leaning forward resting my arms on my knees. "There's a bunch of stuff on twitter, which lead to a guy named Derek, who happens to be on a TV show." she says this in one breath, "But they call him McDreamy. So I really don't understand where McSwoony comes in. I was curious, so I typed in McDreamy and google delivered! There's apparently a McSteamy too, he's hot for an older guy. Total DILF."

"Alright then."

She laughs, "Chrissy and Beverly are obviously fans of the show. I may have to check it out. Hot doctors..." she trails off, looking up and nodding. "Oh yeahhh."

"Guess it hasn't been too busy this morning huh?"

"Not too bad." She shrugs.

"Did Vin look at your car?"

She rolls her eyes and sighs, "No, he promised he'd look after our last appointment. I wanted to be able to order any parts I needed this morning, so they could be here Wednesday. His stupid ass didn't get here until five after eight."

I shake my head, a small laugh comes out, "Are you surprised?"

"I text him last night, he knew I wanted to get a jump start on it..asshole. Where's Vance?" 

Huh. I didn't even bother to text him. "I actually don't know." I pull my phone from my pocket, "Did he come home last night?" I ask while shooting him a text. I look up and catch an odd look upon V's face, but she looks towards her computer screen and starts typing.

"Yeah, his car was in the drive way. I didn't hear him come home though, so I have no idea what time."

"So wait, how did you get here?"

"Borrowed Mom's car."

The door opens to the garage, and Mark waltz through. He looks at me then at V, "Hey sugar, you wanna call Mrs. Schultz and let her know her car is ready?"

"Sure." V turns and picks up the phone that's located on the other side of the computer, her back now facing Mark. Mark calling V sugar bothers me, I know it shouldn't, because it's coming from Mark and he gives pet names to every woman. But that's his bosses daughter, and he's much older than her. He's staring at me, trying to place me, I don't think he realizes who I am, it's been awhile since he's seen me, but I haven't changed that much. I don't try to move, or introduce myself, "Who're you?" he barks. V is on the phone and looks over her shoulder at him. It's obvious he doesn't like me being here for some reason. I'm about to stand up and introduce myself, well reintroduce myself, when Vin comes through hitting Mark with the door, pushing him forward.

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