Chapter Thirty

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Chapter Thirty

The Most Amazing Boyfriend Ever: I'll leave to come get you in about five minutes, be ready for the meal of your life ;)

I read over the text that flashes across my screen and I roll my eyes at his contact name. He must have changed it this morning... But I don't click his contact and change it back. I mean, so far he's living up to the name.

Granted it's been less than 24 hours...

I check the time on my phone and turn off the TV when I realize I only have 15 minutes to get ready. I already took a shower, and I don't wear much makeup, so this shouldn't take too long, but I have no clue what to wear.

It's too cold for a dress, but I don't think West is going for an entirely casual dinner. I search through my closet, scanning through outfit after outfit.

Now I know how Alyse felt yesterday.

My phone buzzes next to me and I scan over the home screen.

The Most Amazing Boyfriend Ever: Leaving now, see you in 10 minutes

Me: See you then, don't leave the stove on ;p

I place my phone down and blow a puff of air out. He's going to be here soon, and I'm still in sweats. I don't think he would mind me wearing my current outfit, but I'm sure he wants me to dress up for our first official date.

My heart gives a little leap at the thought. I'm going on a date with West, my boyfriend. I feel like with everything that happened last night, I didn't give myself a chance to wrap my head around West's words.

He admitted that he's falling for me.

I was vulnerable, I had just told him that I was raped in ninth grade, and he made me feel as if I was floating on cloud nine instead of buried in shame.

I furrow my brow when I realize I was never able to tell him how I feel about him. I've always known there were feelings between the two of us, feelings that are stronger than those of friends, but I've never really given thought to the idea of falling for West. Now, however, I think that's the only way to describe the way I feel about him. I don't see my feelings letting up any time soon, I only see them getting stronger and stronger.

I'm falling for West, just like he's falling for me. I should have told him when he told me. I can't imagine telling him how much I care for him and then not have him say how he cares for me, and I feel guilty to know that's exactly what I did to him.

I sigh deeply and begin searching through my closet again, putting together an outfit I find suitable to wear. It consists of jeans, a black t-shirt worn beneath a light blue denim button up, with a light brown jacket over top, the sleeves made of leather. I place my mother's necklace carefully around my neck, and then wrap a stylish white scarf atop it. To finish it off, I put on knee-length boots just as I hear West pull into my driveway.

I run downstairs, passing Alyse and Toby hanging out in his room on my way.

"I'm going over to West's for dinner," I say, popping my head into the room.

Before they can respond, I rush downstairs and open the door just as West was about to knock. He has his hand raised to the door, and his eyes widen for a second as I open the door before he was even able to make contact with it.

"Someone's eager," he comments, walking inside.

I blush and take in his appearance. He's wearing khakis with a dark blue button up rolled up at the sleeves, showing off his muscular forearms and just tight enough on the rest of him to insinuate what lies beneath.

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