First time [smacklesdearest]

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"Ah, the end of the year," Cory Matthews sighed walking down the hallway of Abigail Adams High School. "The weather changes, kids pair off, first love..."

The teacher looked around grinning.

"Here we have two geniuses, also known as the Smarkle Corporation, being adorable in their matching 128√e980 sweaters." The lovebirds turned their heads and smiled at him before continuing their conversation about NASA.

"Right in the corner we have Miss Someday."

"How ya doing, brother in law?" Maya asked grinning at her crush's brother.

"Yuck!" the teacher said shivered at the thought of his daughter's best friend calling him her brother. Maya laughed at him before her phone dinged again, informing her that she had received another message from Joshua Gabriel Matthews. "Anyway, let's not forget Mr. Babineaux over there."

"Vanessa! Wait up!" Zay shouted running after one of the newest students of Abigail Adams High School.

Just a moment later Darby passed him carrying Yogi in her arms, both of them smiling sheepishly.

"Oh look, it's Yoby! Yoby is forever..." Cory trailed off looking around the hallway again. "Why do I feel like I've already said all of this sometime in the past?" the teacher questioned himself shaking his head before he heard the voice of his daughter. "Oh, right, seventh grade. It amazes me how the power of love sometimes guides the perfect couples right into each other's arms." He saw Riley who was trying to jump on Lucas' back while the blonde boy laughed at her attempt to get him to stop while the two of them were walking towards her locker. "And sometimes it does that..." the teacher sighed stopping at the door of his classroom. "But it's still first crush and I love this time of year. Although sometimes this first crush turns into something more. And I don't like that at all, Mr. Friar!"

"You like me, admit it!" the blonde boy shouted as he turned around to grin at his girlfriend's father while walking backwards.

"I don't wanna!" Mr. Matthews shouted back before entering the classroom and closing the door behind him.

Lucas chuckled at his teacher's response, but just when he was about to turn around, Riley jumped on him wrapping her long legs around his torso, almost knocking both of them over.

"Tell me!" the brunette demanded squishing his cheeks.

"Would you just let it go?" the blonde boy chuckled at his girlfriend of almost seven months as he set her down on the floor. "You asked me to tell you what I was keeping from you 54 times already; you really think 55th time would be different?"

"Lucas Friar, I swear to God, if you don't tell me what you're hiding from me, I will..." Riley tried to threaten her boyfriend, but suddenly she was lifted off the ground. "Lucas Friar, put me down, now! I'm supposed to be mad at you!" she said through her giggles as Lucas picked her up as if he was carrying her over the threshold.

"Choose what you want to say next very carefully, Miss Matthews," the blonde boy warned her as he set her down on the ground. Riley immediately stopped laughing and her eyes were wide.

"You promised me we wouldn't keep anything from each other," she whispered pressing her back against the lockers. "Why is this different?"

"I'm as good as my promise, Riley," Lucas whispered back as he brushed some hair that were falling into her eyes behind her ear. "I'm not going to keep this from you forever, but I just want to make sure you're ready to hear it."

"It's nothing bad, is it?" Riley asked opening her locker. Before she could take her books, Lucas did it for her. Just like every other morning.

"I really hope so..." he whispered before kissing her forehead and leading her to the art class where Maya was already setting her art supplies.

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