chapter 1

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A/n- guys I might take some ideas on other people's stories bit I promise I will make it different so hope ya peeps enjoy!
Author's POV:
You and marhall lee were the best of friends. You both will do everything together, had eachother's backs, and would not keep secreys from eachother. You and marshall are hanging out wih fionna and cake at their treehouse, obviously bored. "Do any of ou guys know what we can do?!" You say startling everyone. "No. Do you?" Marshall asks you teasingly. "THAT'S WHY I'M ASKING YOU DUFUS!!!" You say very annoyed. "How about we go and find a dungeon?" Fionna your cousin(I know that she is the last human in ooo but its better like this. I hope)asked. "We already did that!!!" You say very tired on going on dungeons." Hmmmmm? What if we see if gumdrop needs our help?"(gumdrop is your nickname for gumball like marshall but id different)

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