Chapter 6

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Arlo's POV

"Don't run, De'laurentiss!" Ramos shouts besides me, gun aimed dead center at the man we've been chasing all night.

Zeke De'laurentiss.

Ramo's explained on the way to Manhattan, that Zeke's brother owed Erin's father some cash and in order to pay him back, he went out of his way to steal some money for his baby brother. What Zeke didn't know was that he was stealing from a little shop outside the city, which Lucius just so happened to own. Putting both brothers into debt.

"Cmon, De'laurentiss! Let's make this easier on all of us." Another one of Lucius men says calmly right behind me. It was just the three of us out here. Ramos and Wymark were Lucius best two right hand men. It wasn't a surprise when Ramos told me that Lucius instructed that they'd take me with them, he'd do anything to keep me away from Erin right now.

Of course the little slime ball wasn't going to make it easier, glancing behind him the idiot ran deeper into the alley using supernatural speed. Instinct kicking in, I lowered my weapon and in a swoosh chased after him.

I could hear Wymark yelling in the back of my head not to shoot . Of course I wasn't going to shoot, I wasn't an idiot myself, I knew the rules. Just because we were given access into the city of Manhattan, didn't mean we could go around distributing the peace causing chaos. We had to show respect in one another's home.

I was mere seconds behind the kid, knowing full well Ramos and Wymark were right behind, hot on my trail.

Coming up to a dead end, Zeke leap's into the air hoping to make it over the wall, but before he could I launched myself towards him, tackling him into the wall. He lets out an agonizing grunt as his body impacts with the cement. Leaning down towards him, I clutch him by his shirt and wrench him up to his feet, colliding his back against the wall once more.

"I don't know where he's at!" He yells.

"Bullshït!" I snarled, punching him directly in the face. Maybe a little to hard, he's out cold with one hit. Pathetic. I unclench my hand from his shirt, letting him slump down against the wall.

"Damn, Delisli, good job." Wymark pats me on the back, as he kneel's down in front of Zeke's unconscious body. "I don't know, Lou, I think you might be wrong about him," he says.

"About what?" I ask, not knowing what Wymark is referring too.

"Ramos.." he tilts his head towards him. "He doesn't think you're ready for this life, but I think he might be wrong.. You did a damn near good job." he adds, smacking the kid a couple times on the cheek.

"Will you pick up the damn kid, Tony." Ramos tells Wymark, slightly annoyed. "Sunrise is in a couple hours and I don't wanna be stuck out here."

"Alright, alright." Wymark grabs Zeke, tossing him over his shoulder. We start making our way out of the alleys, back to the car when Ramo's pulls his cell phone out and call's Lucius to check in.

"We found one of them, sir."

"No, Zeke, sir.. yeah, he's unconscious."

"Yeah, we're headed back now." he hangs up the phone and points over at the car. "Arlo, pop open the trunk for Tony."

I nod and walk to the back of the car, unlocking it and lifting up the door. I step out of the way so Wymark can shove the guy in. "You know what to do.." he murmurs.

I nod as he walks to the passenger seat, grabbing the steel shackles, I place them on the kids wrist and ankles. It pity's me that he could get himself into so much trouble, he looks like he's only around my age. Slamming the trunk shut, I make my way into the back of the car.

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