Chapter 11. Edited.

Cameron P.O.V.

The dark streets emanated with a loneliness that reflected my whole. I brought this on myself. I should have left when it started to get bad again. What was I thinking even trying to hold Kira with me, when what was coming was more than I could handle never mind Kira. I should have been elated that she was falling out of love with me but it hurt.

I knew it was coming when she was cosying up to Harvey. How she didn't really seem to mind, for someone in love would have been distraught that they had just undermined all the reasons for being in a relationship, to completely devote your love to one person.

Strangely enough walking down this dark cold road, it was the simple things I was missing about Kira, like the smell of her shampoo that followed her everywhere like a puppy. I sparkle that would come in her eyes when she was happy, her touch and her voice. I felt deaf without it.

I woke out of my reminiscing and realised there was a  beeping car with its lights on my full behind me

I turned to be blinded by the lights but saw my mother driving so I jogged up to the car and hopped in. She had been crying.

''What's wrong Mom?'', I asked worried.

She looked at me with a mixture of sadness and anger on her face and said;

''You did it again Cameron'', She thumped the steering wheel ''Damn it Cameron'', She said still slightly crying.

'Did what'', I asked confused

''You fucking hurt Kira'', She shouted at me. ''I found her phone. I put it all together '', She said.

''I thought you were in control of yourself, you have been doing so well and you were healthy'', She said.

I sat back in my chair not wanting to tell my mother what I suspected.

''What Cameron'', She asked. I hated how she could read everything by my actions. ''Cameron'', She whispered worried.

''I'm taking the medication again'', I said giving in.

''Why?'', She asked and her eyes grew wide.

''I'm not feeling well lately'', I said.

''What's wrong?'', She asked with her hand to her mouth.

''I've been sick, bad headaches, really confused and dizzy and my bones hurt. Everything hurts'', I said revealing my pain.

''But?'', Mom said.

''It's been 8 years'', She said beginning to cry.

''I think its back'', I said. ''How much longer can I fight it!'', I said letting the truth roll out. I had flipped out before because I was sick and I could not handle  the fact my health was out of my control, so Ii tried to control everything around me. I was happening all over again, I could feel the pains that I felt last time. I was happening again.

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