Secrets - Liam

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This was requested by gina3182 I thope you like it Gina!

One thing you hate is keeping secrets from your brother, Derek.

You and Liam had been dating for 2 months and everyone knew except Derek.

It was Friday, and Liam and you planned that you were going to go back to his house and have a movie night together. You both tried to do this at least once a week to try and forget about what is going on in the world.

You arrived at Liam's house around 7 and when he swung open the door he picked you up hugging you and swung you around and kissed you on your lips.

"God I missed you," Liam told you placing another soft kiss onto yous lips.

" Babe you saw me like 3 hours ago" You laughed as your boyfriend pulled you into his house, like an excited little kid.

That was one of the many reasons that you loved Liam. When he pulled you into his bedroom, the were blankets, pillows and a range of different snacks.

"I can't wait for our movie night. It had to be just right" Liam told you as he pulled you into another hug.

"Me neither, been looking forward to it all week. So what are we watching?" you asked.

"STAR WARS!" He shouted.

"I thought you weren't into Star Wars.." You raised an eyebrow.

"Stiles told me a brief summary of it a couple of days ago. It seems interesting, so I thought why not." He shrugged.

"Babe! The film hasn't even started yet!" Liam shouted at you making you jump and nearly throw M&MS everywhere.

"Yeah but there so good," You told him.

He picked up one of the blankets and sat on the bed with his arms wide open wanting you to join him. You gave in and he wrapped his arms and the blanket and the Star Wars Marathon began.

You lay together cuddling enjoying each others company. Half way into the movie Liam started kissing your neck.

"Liam I'm watching." you whined as Liam kept on kissing your neck before going to your jawline.

"Liam your mom's down stairs."

"I guess, you'll have to be quite then." He smirked as he took of his shirt.

But then the unexpected happened. The door flew open. Derek came flooding in. You and Liam froze. Derek just stared at you shocked. You had a lot of explaining to do.

"What's going on here?" Derek crossed his arms

"Well, umm. Gina and I are dating" Liam said pointing out the obvious

"When were you planning on telling me?" Derek asked

"Umm, now! Liam and I are dating!" you rubbing behind your neck.

"How long have you been dating?" Derek asked.

"2 months," You said looking down.

"2 MONTHS! Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Derek yelled

"Because we tried once but then we got attacked so we couldn't finish telling you and then we couldn't find the perfect time to tell you, were sorry we kept it a secret for so long" Liam told Derej as he grabbed your hand.

"Well I am happy for you both, but don't keep any more secrets from me," Derek shrugged.

"What wait?" Liam questioned as if he had misheard what Derek said.

"I trust you. Scott told me how amazing you were as a beta, maybe sometime later on you could teach Gina some moves." Derek explained.

"OMG, YOU HAVE M&Ms!" Derek shouted

"DON'T YOU EVEN DARE BIG BRO, THEY ARE MINE!" You shouted back at him.

"You can stay, but we are watching star wars and Derek don't touch Y/Ns M&Ms again" Derek pouted and took some different candy.

Telling my brother about Liam and me, felt a lot better. Derek was happy for all us both and now we had Derek around watching Star Wars. Best Night Ever. I wish we told him sooner.

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