Chicken heaven

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Shay Mitchell as Lainey Knight


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"Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to Alessandra, happy birthday to you!" Everyone from the pack sings.

"Make a wish Ale!" Someone shouts.

She closes her eyes then she blows out the candles, I shrug.

Now where was that buffet? Oh that's right!

I walk up to the buffet and lick my lips when I see the selections of sticky chicken wings.

Obviously I'm going to choose chicken not anything else, I pick up the end of the bone and bite into the sticky delight.

I moan and smile, this is the life.

I lean on the table and watch as Alessandra dances with dad, talking to him.

My eyes go wide when I feel myself falling backwards, I turn around quickly and grab as many chicken wings.

I fall on top of the table that's flat on the ground with hot dogs and sweets scattered around, I almost cry when I see chicken wings covered in dirt laying on the ground.

I wince and stand up with the chicken wings in my arms making my arms and hands sticky.

"Are you okay Lainey? I can clean it up for you" I smile at the pack member.

"Please clean it up before mum finds out" he nods and whistles, three teenagers come up to him and smile at me.

"We need to clean this up as soon as possible" they nod and start picking up the scattered food.

"Thanks" I mumble and pick out a chicken wing from my collection.

This is like chicken heaven

"Lainey why do you have chicken wings in your arms?" Mira asks.

I stop halfway through biting into my third wing and pull back "um.... You see" I scratch the back of my head "I was leaning on the table and it kind of fell so I grabbed as many chicken wings as I could" I sheepishly say.

"Lainey!" She exclaims.

"What? It's not my fault they were so tempting, sitting there waiting for me to eat them" she huffs.

"You and your chicken" I sigh dreamily.

"I know."

"You know the chicken was for others as well Lainey, it's Alessandra's birthday" I sigh.

"Mum and dad obviously put them in their because of me!"

She rolls her eyes "today's about Ale so I'm sure they wouldn't do that" I roll my eyes myself.


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