"Whoa! Look at the view!" Luke and Avery exclaimed before running towards the windows of the seating area. The water looked crystal blue and the sand would have looked pure white if it weren't for all of the people and their towels on the beach. "It's amazing," I said with a huge smile. I always dreamed of being able to travel. "Let's get some rest first. We all had to wake up early to get here. It's only 11:30 back in Toronto so it must be 9:30 here. Unless you're all awake?" Dan asked teasingly. It was then when I realized how tired I really was and let out a huge yawn. "You're right. I'll set an alarm for two hours," I said as I walked over to a door, which I presumed would be to one of the bedrooms.

"I'm not tired," Luke and Avery whined at the same time. I couldn't help but give them a stare of disbelief. Then again, Luke and Ave are naturally hyper people. "You guys can go out. Just don't lose your room key or kill each other," Dan said when he held one of the two keys out. Ave and Luke both went to get it, but Ave slapped Luke's hand out of the way first and stuffed it into her pockets. "You're so abusive," Luke grumbled while pouting and rubbing his hand. Ave smiled and ran into the washroom to get changed into something that wouldn't make her a walking sauna. "Call me when you're ready to leave so we can all hit the beach together. If I don't pick up..." Luke trailed off and wiggled his eyebrows, "you'll know I'll be busy." Ave came out in a proper beach outfit and rolled her eyes.

"Alright, dip shit, let's go explore!" Ave said enthusiastically before dragging Luke out of the hotel room. "I swear they're going to end up together," Dan said with a chuckle. I laughed nervously and nodded. "Maybe."


"Alright, Luke told us to meet them at the main entrance of the beach. Let's get ready quickly so we can have a lot of beach time," Dan said while dragging me out of bed. I groaned before finally giving in. "You're lucky I'm excited for the beach. Otherwise you would be trying for hours," I complained and walked into the washroom. Great, I have bed head. I quickly tied my hair up and put a pair of white sun glasses on that matched my white bikini. I also threw a cute beach cover up on top that I had bought last week. It was a light blue colour that matched my flip-flops. All Dan had to do was put on a pair of swim trunks and black flip-flops. We grabbed a beach bag and threw our towels inside of it before running out of the hotel room in excitement.

When we got to the entrance, Avery was already tanning... or attempting to tan. She's one of those really white people who can only tan a bit, but always end up a bit more red. Luke was also tanning, but he was a few feet away from her and on his stomach. "Finally!" He yelled happily, "Now we can go into the water!" Luke jumped up and down like a five year old on Christmas day. Avery slowly got up and tied her hair.

"Let's officially start our vacation," she announced before grabbing my arm and running into the salty water.

"Wow, it's so warm!" I said in bewilderment. I've never been to a beach like this before! Usually the water is freezing and dirty. Stupid Canada. "This reminds me of an island near Rio," Dan said with a smile. He always told me that he loves going to

Brazil since the beaches there are awesome. "Nicer?" I asked. He smiled before answering. "I'm not sure. I feel like it's nicer, but it may be because I'm use to the one in Brazil. They're pretty much equal to me." I smiled at him. "You need to take me one day," I said seriously. I haven't even met Dan's parents yet.

Apparently they work a lot and are barely ever at home. He told them about me and his mother was apparently really excited to meet me, but she was sad about never having the time to stop by for a visit or to have company over. The only thing Dan hasn't mentioned about me is my age... and the fact that I'm his calculus student. That probably won't blow over very well. Heck, even my parents don't know yet! They know his age, but they think he works at a university. "You ok?" Dan asked me and looked worried. I shook my head of all of the negative thoughts and gave him a huge smile. "I'm perfect."

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