Your POV

I woke up to chaos, when I say chaos I mean chaos. Full on yelling! I turned over and looked at my clock. 5:37 am. I rolled off my bed and went down the stairs where Mal,Tobin,Christen,Alex,Kelley and why am I naming all of them the whole team was yelling at Lauren. "YO" I yelled from the stair case."What the fuck is going on?" I said once everyone was quiet. "I'll let the cheater explain" Mal said furiously and literally I kid you not she walked out of the apartment. She was followed by the rest of the team.All except Tobin. "Care to explain?" I said as I was now fully awake. "You're so called girlfriend here is cheating and as been cheating since you guys were together for a week" Tobin said while glaring at Lauren. I was just shocked. I didn't know how to react. This was the second time this happened to me and honestly I cared way more about Lauren then I did about Andrea. I liked Andrea I loved Lauren.Loved? Do I not love her anymore? Of course I did.I got snapped back into reality as I felt a warm liquid on my face and that's when I knew I was crying."Y/N I-"Lauren tried to speak but I cut her off "How long? And with who?" I asked she looked down and said "About as long as we're dating" I heard her clearly but I wanted to know who she was cheating on me with. "GOD DAMN IT LAUREN WITH WHO" I yelled angrily which for me was very rare. "Brad" I heard her whisper. I just laughed dryly and spat "Well you and Brad can go live a happy life because Lauren Michelle we're through" I said and ran upstairs grabbed the box and ran back down "And you can have this. I'm not gonna be using it anytime soon" I said and threw it her. "Y/N let me explain" she started and I said "go ahead explain".
She stayed silent. "Exactly what I thought...You knew what Lauren just leave! LEAVE" I yelled at the end and went back up stairs. I started sobbing on my bed and sobbing. After a while I went into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. "If you meant nothing to her then you're going to prove you're worth so much more then her" I said to myself and took a shower and got dresses for the match. As I went down the whole team looked at me.
"What time is it?" I asked my voice dry from all my screaming "8am"Allie said and I nodded while heading to get a cup of water. "Let's go we have a game to win" I said and grabbed my gear and headed out the door without a word to anyone.

*After The Game Against Sweden*

I can't believe it.We lost. We all were in the locker rooms silent. I knew that Alex and Christen were really upset because the 'messed' up. They didn't mess up. We played our best. "So this is gonna be it huh?" I started my voice filling the silent room with a slight echo. "We've worked our asses off and guess what sure we lost but it wasn't any of our faults Sweden were playing dirty and we all saw it out there.For gods sake Mal's ankle is fucked up. My wrist is fractured.This loss doesn't mean anything, because we may be boarding a flight home tomorrow but at least we showed them how we play and how hard we've worked. This loss isn't going to define us like Hope said before I choose to have short-term memory.We're going to come up from this loss better then ever. We all did our best and we don't need to feel bad about that." I finished they all looked at me and they clapped. "You know for a girl who just started playing with us and who's in her first Olympics you sure do know how to talk" Becky said. "But she's right! We will not let this get to us we all played well and we all did our best so what we missed shots? So what we're humans but we're gonna come back and be better then ever" Alex said and we all became our normal selves again.
We all got showered and dressed.

 We all got showered and dressed

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