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Looking out the window I watched the other student scatter like roaches as they tried to avoid the rain. I on the other hand was still debating whether or not I wanted to enter at all. I had moved to this Oregon town a few months prior and had left my new house only to get supplies aka food. I was still not over my mother and step-father telling me we were moving, dropping me off in the town and leaving all within a two week span, they were luckily I was damn near 18 or else I would of called CPS on them some days I was still tempted. Most kids my age would be happy to have a house all to themselves to do whatever they liked but I knew no one and had nothing interesting to do.

Walking through the hall I noticed how much colour my new school was lacking, I wasn't sure if people were staring because I was very black or because I was new either way it was completely different from my melting pot old school in California. I was glad that I had my schedule already and a map of the school so I didn't have to be that new kid who somebody was forced to show around and be sucked into their school pride. No thank you. Entering my first class I was pleased no one was around not even my teacher so I took a random seat in the middle hoping no one was sitting there and I could just blend in.

As soon as the bell rung kids started crowding in and it seemed not only was the seat not taken but no one had noticed me, I was 2 for 2. The teacher came in after all the student setting her stuff on the side and sitting at her computer not even bothering to look up.

"Alright class it seems like we have a new student joining us." As soon as she said that all eyes seemed to turn on me I guess I wasn't as invisible as I thought, but I was glad they waited until it was announced to stare.

"Nadezhda Williams?" She turned to look at me confused but smiling yes I knew what she was thinking, black girl with a Russian name weird. Even though black people do exist in Russia.

"Just Nadia and hello." I smiled hoping she'd put me out of my misery soon.

"Nadia it is. Would you like to introduce yourself to the class?"

I shook my head "Not really...." That caused a few people to laugh.

"Come on it won't be that bad." She motioned for me to stand up letting me know it wasn't a choice I hated when teachers asked you a question and still made you do something anyways after you told them no. Sighing I got up straightening out my hoodie dress ready to make this end quickly.

"Hello I'm Nadia. 17. From California and yeah sup." I sat down as quickly as I got up the rest of class was a breeze as we spent the whole time taking notes. By the time lunch rolled around I was ready to eat. Making my way toward the line I look around searching for a possible seat although it wasn't raining it was still cold outside and I didn't want to be the weird kid eating in the hallway if that was even allowed here. Once my food was safe in my grasp I beelined for the empty table I saw in the corner, taking a seat I couldn't wait for this day to be over so I can go home and make me some "Good Job you made it through your first day of senior year at a new school" tacos not to be rivaled by last nights "Good luck on your first day of senior year at a new school" tacos.

"Your Nadia right?" I was brought out of my taco thoughts by a feminine voice looking up my eyes went from a purple hair girl to blonde girl and finally green haired boy all of them were all breathtakingly beautiful and wow hello porcelain skin. I nodded at the trio, not really sure which one spoke.

"This is where we sit." The green haired boy said looking amused, I was taken back by the fact that he was asian a fact I had missed in my first inspection.

"Oh.. I'm sorry." I gathered my things ready to find another spot to sit.

"You don't have to leave we'll join you." The blonde said and I wasn't really into girl but damn she was a showstopper. Her long blonde hair hung in a ponytail as her bright blue eyes looked into my dull brown ones.

"Ummm okay cool." I readjusted myself looking away feeling slightly self-conscious. As she sat down and the other two followed suit.

"I'm Noelle, and that is Ryker and Harlow." The purple haired said with a huge colgate smile, I literally could not get over how beautiful these people were.

"Nice to meet you guys." I nodded as my eyes fell to my food, I had never been shy but I couldn't help but be around these people their whole aura was something I had never been around before.

"So I heard you name was Nadezhda?" Noelle raised her eyebrow as she said my name slowly making sure to pronounce it carefully.

"Yeah what of it?" I said defensively my name was always a sore spot for me.

"That's Russian right?" She asked and I looked on wondering if there was a point to her question/


"Well are you Russian?" I tried not to roll my eyes but I quickly remember that these people didn't know me and they were trying to be nice.

"Noelle is French. Are you French?" I don't know how but her big smile turned even bigger when I said that and Ryker and Harlow both broke out into laughs.

Noelle quickly joins in with them "I like you and no I'm not. Guess that answers my question huh? Sorry."

"It's fine. Sorry for being defensive old wounds. No I'm not Russian." I ran my fingers through my hair undoing a few knots that had taken hold.

We went back and forth with asking each other questions trying to get to know each other better, I actually had my first couple classes with at least one of them and I hadn't even noticed which I was shocked by because they were hard to miss.

"Har, do you have my key? I have practice after school and mom and dad aren't going to be home until late." A girl with the exactly same face as Harlow came up causing my mind to go blank, before I could even process what I had seen she was gone.

"You have a twin?"

"Yup. That's Hanna she's like 2 seconds older though." I

"That's so cool." I'd always wanted a twin or even a sibling but it was just me, myself and I, well technically I had two half sisters but I never saw them so I was pretty much an only child.

When the day was finally over I got in my car and headed to the grocery store because I was running low on food and if I didn't do it now I wouldn't do it for the rest of the week. Walking through the local grocery store I grab whatever looked good and and stuff that would last me the next month. Once I arrived back home I call my best friend Arie and filled her in about my first day. After I finished my tacos I started on my homework which was actually really easy, I quickly realized this would be my new life... A life of tacos and boredom.

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