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I think everyone else was more surprised the next time Mika laughed than I was the first time. He decided to take my phone, so he was punished by a massacre of tickles. Of course it was short lived when he kicked me in the stomach and sent me flying, Lola catching me and tumbling to the floor from the impact.
"Sorry!" He called out. I gave a thumbs up from the floor as reassurance that I was fine.
"Mikaela fucking Shindo, since when were you able to laugh." Colette asked sternly, tossing her sketchbook behind her as she doted on him.
"Always?" He said in confusion. His nose twitched.
"On a different note, Yuu, come with me real quick." He said, bolting from the bunk. I followed him into the bathroom without really asking any questions.
"Ooh, scandalous." Ferid commented before a pillow hit him dead in the face, courtesy of Colette.

"You hungry?" I asked, getting a tired and anxious nod as a response from Mika. I hopped on to the sink, allowing him to stand in between my legs, one of his hands pushing down on my thigh, the other holding my collar away. Then his fangs dug hungrily into the bottom of my neck.
"Hey, Mika, I was wondering why you never drank Colette's blood, I mean she'd probably let you." I asked, tapping my fingers on his shoulder blade boredly. "Is it because you didn't want to hurt her?" His head nodded slightly, although not too much. He was still kinda attached to my neck.
"Oh, but your best friend can be livestock?" I joked. He flicked me on the cheek as payment.

I heard him swallow and exhale deeply, standing away from me as he wiped his lips. "That's not the reason. Your blood's like an aphrodisiac to me. It's irresistible and I can't seem to get enough. I don't know the full reason as to why- not even Krul can explain. The theory we have is that It's something with demon blood mixing with yours and the connection we have." He explained.

"An aphrodisiac? Kinky." Asuramaru commented. "But he's probably right on why our blood together is something he can't stay away from. It's like sugar to bees."
I'll take your word on that.

"Yeah, you're probably right. If only we had more knowledge on Vampires apart from the media, dammit." I said, pounding a fist on the porcelain counter.
"Fucking Edward and his sparkling pearly white skin." Mika angrily muttered, causing me to burst into laughter.
"How the hell did you see Twilight?" I said through my fit.
"Lola apparently knows how to get Pirated movies." He shrugged, opening the bathroom door. Well, I guess that girl was smarter than I thought.

Mika didn't go to sleep, so, figuring something was wrong, I stayed up with him. He decided to stay on his bunk this night, leaving me to my own twin bed. I was grateful for the space, but I always seemed to miss his presence despite it being directly above me.
"Y'know, when someone goes to Paris it's usually to fuck someone. Just saying."
Well, we're not exactly normal. I'm seriously talking to a demon who ended up in my brain. Can't get more unusual than that.
"Fair point. What do you think's on Twinkie head's mind?"
Wow. Twinkie head. That's a new insult.

But I don't know. It's obviously something considering he isn't asleep.
"Yeah, but you got any guesses? I say midnight talks about emotions and shit."
That already happened this week.

"And that's what you missed on Glee, folks."

I heard a very faint click sound somewhere in here, and Mika hopped down from his bunk, sitting on mine.
"Lettie, you awake still?" He whispered.
"Of course I am. When you don't sleep we all assume something's up. Except Ferid." She sighed, head popping up. Lola sat up in her bed, a broad smile across her lips.
"He's not asleep."

"Did you have to tell them?" Ferid sighed from across the room. She nodded her head violently.

"Well, nothing's really wrong. I was just thinking.. That Yuu should know why this country's different from the others." He piped up.
"Grab the popcorn, I'll go get a lawn chair. It's story time."

It was a very long story, so, to sum it up-

Almost everyone in the Circus was experimented on in France. Ferid was the first, Lola the second although in California, Colette in Europe, she thinks, Mika in France. When I asked about that- since we lived in Boston and that was overseas- Ferid chuckled.
"I wasn't willing to be tested on without a fight. May or may not have broken the Ringleader's nose. Twice." Mika mumbled, scratching at his arm nervously.
"It was the best month of my life." Lola giggled.

"Hey, guys?" Mika asked. A few minutes had passed since they had finished explaining all they were willing to reveal about the experiments. It was silent until he spoke.
"I'm kinda homesick."
"Aren't we all." Lola sighed.
"Be lucky you remember your home." Colette muttered. "But... It would be nice. To leave."
Ferid had no input.
"The Ringleader went to sleep, right?" I asked Mika. He nodded.

I think I knew why the Ringleader left them unsupervised at night.

He had all of them tightly wrapped around his finger, willing to bow to his will (with the exception of Ferid and myself, of course), and had no need to put twenty four hour surveillance over us. He had broken everyone so much that he had no worries of disobedience.

They were dogs to him.

Of course, I'm the only one crazy enough to change anything that they had left alone for years.

I've already changed Mika as much as I could. Everyone's attention was on me. Blue eyes staring at me curiously, glossy ones above, shimmering slightly, and Crimson eyes almost dots ahead of me.

"Okay, this is gonna sound crazy, but what if we escape?" I proposed.

"Ooh, I like this."

Everyone seemed skeptical. Except for the crazy son of a bitch who willingly kidnapped children.

"I'm in. Sounds fun." He flashed us a smile I could barely see.
"If he's in, so am I!" Lola giggled. Mika and Colette looked at each other hesitantly, then me.

"Yuuichiro, I don't know if that's really a good idea." She said.
"I agree with her. It seems far-fetched." Mika nodded.

"Mikaela. Colette. Stop and think about it. He's never had to fear us trying to overtake him. Because he had you telling yourselves you were weak and worthless all on your own. Mika, you're strong enough to take on Ferid and you seem to be hell bent on protecting me. I want to take him out, so you'll just end up running after me to make sure I don't recklessly get myself. Colette, I don't know what your talents are. But I don't have a doubt that we're all basically gods compared to him."

Mika sighed.

"I'm in." He took my hand in his as confirmation. Colette was still skeptical.

"But... He's stronger than me. I'm a twig to him."

"That's because you don't try. Plus, now you've got a kickass demon mutant to protect you." I grinned at her, pointing to myself with a thumb. She laughed, sound like rich honey.
"I can't stand the thought of him dying, though." She mumbled.
"Lettie, you swore to keep me safe. I'm gonna need you." He said, looking at her.

"I'm sorry, Mika. I'm going to have to pass. If he's gonna die, I don't want to be there."

"I understand." I nodded. "Keep it a secret though, 'Kay?"

"I will. Pinky promise." She reached down from her bunk, and I sealed the deal.

Something still irked me about her relationship with the Ringleader. It seemed like an abusive relationship. Like The Joker and Harley Quinn abusive.

Okay, too freaky of a resemblance.

Gonna stop thinking about that now.

But hey, project escape was underway. We still had to work out how exactly, but it was something.

Even got Mika to join in with the false
pretenses that I could be in danger.

I knew I wasn't.

Because he would be besides me.

Like he always has been.

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