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I woke up to Hermione and Ginny shaking me, 

"Finally!" Ginny huffed, Hermione rolled her eyes and left the room muttering under her breath about breakfast.

"Come on kids! we're all waiting," Dad yelled his voice was still sleepy and it was obvious that he also had only just gotten up. Sighed and climbed out of bed following Ginny to the kitchen.


I walked into the kitchen Only to be met with impatient faces, oh, and Dad marvelling about extension cords. Hermione rolled her eyes once more and stuck her nose back into her book. I looked over at Ginny who was nodding unenthusiastically at dad while he blabbered on.

"Hey," I smiled and sat down next to Hermione, she smiled in a greeting seeming slightly more relaxed. 

"Hey, there's an owl!" George shouted opening the window, it groaned in response. This owl didn't look like anyone's I know. It was grey with gold eyes and seemed to nod in a greeting when it perched on Hermione's book. 

"These are normal Hogwarts letters," Hermione held up the pile of letters, 

"But this definitely is not," She held up a bright gold letter addressed to all of us in blue ink.

"Well, why don't you open your Hogwarts letters first then we can have a proper look at the other one," Mum smiled, Hermione handed my letter to me and I tore it open y dirty fingers smudging the parchment. 

Dear, Ronald Weasley.
Hogwarts is pleased to invite you to complete your last year at Hogwarts due to the complications last year. We are also pleased to inform you that you will be the Gryffindor prefect if you do decide to take this offer of course. 
hope to see you next school year,
-The head mistress of Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry, Professor McGonagall.

"Well, I guess we're going to Hogwarts another year," Harry smiled and Hermione squealed her flyinging as she jumped up and down. 

"Well at least we might have a normal year," Ginnys eyes wandered towards the gold letter laying against the table, that's when I realized the owl had left. I didn't wait for our comand or for a reply, it just left.

"Well let's see what this is about," Dad sighed opening the letter, he read it quickly muttering something then handed it to mum, I watched as her eyes grew wide and she placed the sheet in front of us.

Dear, Weasleys Family,
We have been told by Professor Mcgonagall that you would be willing to house these twelve American Wizards while they spend the year at Hogwarts, this is the basic information about them and their achivements,
many thanks.
-Chiron the Royal adviser.

"Wait did they just say Royal?" George asked while everyone nodded, this is fishy.

Perseus (Percy) Jackson.
Royal Status:Prince and Knight.
Quests:Found lost Royal belonging (12), Traveled into dangerous water and saved Princess Thalia(13), Rescued Prince Nico and Princess Bianca (Passed away) and rescued Princess Annabeth and Lady Artemis (14), Fought the battle of the labrinth alongside, sir Grover, Prince Tyson, Princess Annabeth, Rachel Dare and Prince Nico, (15), Saved the kingdom and completed the first major Prophecy with, The hunters, Campers, Princess Thalia, Prince Nico, Prince William, Princess Annabeth and Sir Grover (16). Went missing for eight months, then saved the kingdom alongside Princess Hazel and Prince Frank, (16), battled Gaia alongside, Princess Piper, Prince Jason, Princess Annabeth, sir Leo Valdez, Princess Hazel, Prince Frank, Sir Hedge, Prince Nico and Lady Reyna, (17?) And Survived a war prison and kidnaping with Princess Annabeth, (17?).

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