The Damned Soul

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Fall came with a cold and bitter wind; sending shivers up my spine. The warm, happy days of summer were long gone.
I was now left to face these dark, lonely days alone.

Everything has fallen apart. Nothing seems real anymore. Shock and denial have now replaced with realization and sorrow.

My heart is no more
it has gone with your death.
Pain is but a bitter sweet dream,
All that's left is this numbing ache deep inside my chest.

No longer do I know the simplest of feelings.
Yet I still crave to feel joy,
Although any exposure from beyond will soon lead to unbearable sadness.

To survive it all must stay inside these thick walls I've built.
The world must never see of the storm that lies deep within
My damned soul.

Dedicated to my loyal and faithful companion, RIP Goldie the goldfish.

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